Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Place For Everything...Finally

I slept in this morning and didn't really have a chance to do much before work. Didn't do much at work, either. It was pretty much the same it has been all day - on and off steady, but never overwhelming. Weather that was a bit warmer and more humid but otherwise still nice for the time of year kept people outside and doing other things. My relief was on time, and I was in and out with no problems.

I had package waiting for me when I got home. I've been able to pick up bits and pieces for my Molly doll on eBay since Jessa gave her to me, and I really didn't want any of her clothes that are still available on AG's website. The beret Molly came with was really stretched, though, and she was missing the rest of her accessories. I bought her a new "meet" accessories set, along with a stack of much-needed hangers.

Each American Girl historical doll has a separate accessories package that matches the outfit she comes in and her time period. World War II-era Molly has a cute blue wool beret, a simple but roomy red vinyl messenger bag, an adorable handkerchief embroidered with her name on it, a reproduction steel penny, and her lovely locket. (Earlier versions of the locket came with a tiny picture of her dad to cut out and paste in it, but this apparently hasn't been included in years and wasn't to be found with mine.)

The hangers allowed me to pull the rest of the dolls' clothes out of boxes and storage. Most of them were put on the old pewter towel rack I use as a closet for the AG outfits. The only things that didn't fit were Felicity's Cardinal Cloak, Molly's yellow raincoat, and a white fur coat that came with the human Jessa's dolls. I'll probably pick up more hangers somewhere along the line for those, too, but this is fine for now. Molly and Jessa's separate winter pants and skirts were stashed in a bag and put in the plastic container along with their hats, pajamas, Christmas outfits, and Halloween costumes.

I made a tasty late summer dinner of Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sauce and Ratatouille as I ran New 3 Stooges cartoons throughout the evening. Lauren sent me some discs of Stooges oddities last week, including these. These were made in the mid-60s, when the group was Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe, and while they're not classic, they can sometimes be pretty funny, especially the live-action openings with the real Stooges. Among my favorites were "To Kill a Clockingbird" (the Stooges wreck havoc on a huge mechanical clock in a short reminiscent of the Disney "Clock Cleaners"), "That Was the Wreck That Was" (the guys are told to knock down a building...and mistake a huge new skyscraper for the condemned property), "The Unhaunted House" (the Stooges play ghost busters in a house that isn't all there), "Bat and Brawl" (they're pitted against a German vampire during World War I), "Land Ho, Ho, Ho" (the boys go Gulliver when they're shipwrecked on Lilliputia), and "The 3 Marketeers" (they're workers in a supermarket, but the customers aren't happy when they do nothing but create chaos).

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