Thursday, August 22, 2013

Heroes and Villains

It was sunny and humid when I finally pulled myself out of bed this morning, although thankfully not nearly as much of either as it was at this time last month. I had breakfast and watched more Get Smart. Max and 99 run into trouble in an amusement park when they accidentally pick up a Kewpie doll that's part of a KAOS plutonium drop in "The Wax Max." Max is heartbroken when 99 decides to marry Victor Royal, a man she met on vacation. Royal, however, is not what he seems, and Max is determined to keep his partner from making a big mistake in "99 Loses CONTROL." The popular drama The Fugitive is parodied when Max finds himself on the run after being framed for a bank robbery in "Don't Look Back."

Headed out for a walk to the Oaklyn Library around 11. It was still warm and sunny at that point, humid but not too bad. The gardens are still surprisingly colorful for this time of year, and the grass is much greener than it usually is. Normally, everything is dry and brown by late August. It was actually pretty quiet on the street, with few people around. I thought everyone must have gone on vacation.

The Oaklyn Library was very busy for them, though. Today was LEGO Club day. I dodged kids building houses and planes and parents and locals on the computer and reading newspapers to mostly organize the DVDs. I did do the kids' titles, but could only get to the board books. I couldn't get around the LEGO Club to look at the rest of the children's section.

The next thing on the to-do list when I got in was call Stockton. I still hadn't heard from Dayna DeFiore, the career counselor I talked to when I visited there. I got through to the Career Center's secretary, and she sent me an e-mail. She's catching up on work that's back logged from her vacation, including my e-mail. She'll contact me on Monday.

Spent the rest of the afternoon finishing the dusting. My bedroom was really bad. I don't know why the cobwebs have been so numerous this summer. I guess all the spiders are getting rained out of their usual homes outside. It was easy to tell I didn't get around to dusting last month. From now on, I try not to skip cleaning. If I have to put it off, I do, but I get it done sometime during the month. It just gets too grimy in here to skip it.

Dark clouds moved in as I swept piles of leaves and the remains of my animal neighbors' pepper nut feasts off the porch. I got in for a quick leftovers lunch just as the rain started. It poured...for about 20 minutes. It was just slowing down as I finally left for work and was done by the time I arrived. I got a little wet, but not too bad.

Between the weather and the time of the month and year, work was even more quiet today than yesterday. Once again, it was mainly busy during rush hour. My relief was the same lady as yesterday, and I was in and out. It rained rather hard again while I was inside, but by the time I was going home, the rain was gone and there was a beautiful orange sunset in the sky.

Oh, and the first of two items I ordered for the AG dolls arrived this evening. My yard sale Josefina didn't come with her original "meet" outfit, so I was delighted to pick it up in full on eBay. The seller even had the small bits that tend to get lost, like her sash, ribbon, and flowers.

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