Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Into Fall

Technically, we have just about a month before fall begins. You'd never know it from the weather. It was cloudy and cool when I got up this morning and put on Get Smart. Max and 99 have to dodge the hypnotic powers of "The Groovy Guru," a DJ who adds subliminal messages to rock music and puts all the teenagers in Washington under his control. Max ends up bringing his Army buddy Sid (Don Rickles) along for the ride when the two go after KAOS agents who have "The Little Black Book." (Rickles and Don Adams were good pals in real life. They had so much fun ad-libbing, they drove the episode over schedule and budget, and a one-part episode suddenly became a two-parter.) A mousy children's book writer is "The Reluctant Redhead," a shy beauty who has to be persuaded to pose as the missing wife of a man who holds the list of all known enemy agents.

Since I worked a bit later today, I was able to get my errands done in the morning. For the second week in a row, I didn't really need a big grocery trip. I had to restock chicken legs, canned diced tomatoes, single fish packs, olive oil, and sugar. Found the Acme generic canned mandarin oranges on the clearance rack, along with jars of lime curd and rose apricot preserves - I thought I'd try them.

Quickly went over to America's Best to try ordering contacts again, now that my paycheck is in the bank. This time, everything went just fine. My card went through, and my contacts should be here by next week.

I went home, put everything away, and had leftovers for lunch. Did things around my apartment (including taking a look at my paycheck), then went back out for work. Work was very busy during the 4-6 rush hour. Otherwise, it was almost as quiet as yesterday. Like I said, business probably won't pick up at the Acme for at least another week, when people begin to get ready for Labor Day, back to school, and the beginning of the month. The same older woman went in for me on time. I was in and out with no trouble.

My schedule for next week is ok, not as good as this week's but not bad for the time of year. I have Monday and Friday off (Monday for a dental appointment) and one day later than 7:30 (Wednesday).

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