Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Cleaning

I slept until 10AM, right in time to switch on this week's Brunch With the Beatles. Their manager Brian Epstein was in the spotlight today. Epistein sadly died in 1967 and was mainly around for their early careers, which meant songs that were recorded on his watch like "I Saw Her Standing There," that were inspired by him like "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," or were written for him, like "Baby You're a Rich Man." We also heard songs from other bands Epstein managed, including Gerry and the Pacemakers ("Ferry 'Cross the Mersey"), Silkie ("Hide Your Love Away") and the Cyrcle ("Red Rubber Ball"). I made delicious Blueberry Spice Pancakes for breakfast as I enjoyed the music.

Spent most of the rest of the afternoon continuing this month's cleaning. The apartment needs to be dusted badly. I never got around to it last month! I shouldn't have put it off. It's driving my nose crazy. I got the music and entertainment areas of the dining room done before lunch. I also went through the piles of things I want to donate in the back room. I pulled a heavy bag of records and books to donate to the Haddon Township Library tomorrow. Went through doll boxes, consolidating the remaining boxes into two larger wax-coated cardboard containers that were formerly used to ship fish. (Those sturdy containers have been used as storage and for moves for years in my family.)

I tried calling Mom earlier, but didn't get her. I finally got a hold of her as I ate lunch around 2PM. She was in a much better mood. Like Dad and Jodie, she's in the midst of remodeling. She and Dad-Bill finally got enough money to buy two easy chairs to replace the aging ones in the living room, which have been around since they lived in North Cape May. She wants to buy a day bed for the now-empty extra room, put in new carpeting, and paint it and the living room. I also told her that I plan on visiting them in the middle of next month for my second vacation. (And this time, I really would like to actually make it down there. I haven't been in Cape May County since Thanksgiving, and I haven't been there on my own in two years, since the last time I visited on vacation.)

Work wasn't as interesting. The gray clouds hadn't sprouted rain since early in the morning (if the puddles on my porch were any indication), but they kept the crowds at bay. It was busy early on, quiet enough when I was done for me to leave without a relief.

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