Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Freezer Burned

I spent most of a hot but not humid day at work. Needless to say, it wasn't that busy. Even the usual 4 to 6 rush hour only had scattered crowds. I did stocking for the first hour and a half. I helped one of the head stock men move 24 packs of water from two relatively empty pallets to two that were more full. I shelved Bryers Ice Cream, which was on a big sale this weekend. Brrrr! I had to go back into the huge freezer to get what little Bryers we had left. It was so cold back there, there were icy patches on the floor! It took me the rest of the afternoon to stop feeling the cold in my bones. One of the regular stock people were nice enough to show me the few remaining Bryers containers. It was mostly odd flavors like Homemade Vanilla, Oreo Chocolate Cookies n' Cream Blasts, Coffee, and the CarbSmart Vanilla and Chocolate. (Ugh. I don't know why they still sell those. I tried the vanilla when it came out during the height of the no-carb craze a decade ago. It was gross, gritty and obviously artificially sweetened.) Things picked up a little bit during the second half of my day, but not enough to make things crazy. I was in and out with no major problems and no relief.

When I got home, I had leftovers for dinner while watching some more Get Smart, which I also ran this morning. Max is the "Witness for the Persecution" when KAOS tries to keep him from testifying against one of their killers. When a foreign diplomat needs to be protected, it's "Maxwell Smart, Private Eye" on the case. Max is once again protecting a lady in "One of Our Olives Is Missing." In this case, the lady is Ozark Annie (Carol Burnett), a country singer who has swallowed an olive with a KAOS radio in it. Max has to keep KAOS from getting their hands on the radio...and Annie's stomach.

After I finished dinner and the show, I slid into a cool bathtub. Ahhh. That felt really nice, especially on a day that was much hotter than the previous week. I spent a relaxing hour reading a book on the early talkies (The Speed of Sound) and listening to the CD of what I assume to be an Atlantic City crooner that I picked up while I was living in Wildwood.

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