Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Heat of Summer Sunshine

Summer heat made a brief return today. I spent most of the day avoiding it. I did things online this morning and watched more Get Smart. "The Mild Ones" has Max and 99 posing as members of a super-polite knight-themed motorcycle gang who are suspected of having kidnapped the Bolivian Ambassador. The two go in search of an elusive oriental mastermind in a take on the first Bond movie, "Dr. Yes." "The King Lives?" is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series (and apparently was a favorite of Don Adams, too). In this spoof of The Prisoner of Zenda, Max poses as the king of a fictional European country so the king's dastardly brother Basil can't get the throne. Check out Max's dueling prowess here. For a man who was clumsy at just about everything else, Max was a heck of a fencer!

I wish work was close to that thrilling. In fact, it was very boring all day long. The early hours were especially quiet. It picked up a little during rush hour, but nothing overwhelming. It's probably just as well that my relief was one of the few older women who prefer to work late, and she was actually early.

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