Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rainy Day Dolls

I slept in again. I was working late tonight and figured I'd sleep in while I had the chance. Besides, it was a mess out all morning. It rained until well into the afternoon. There was a pretty good-sized thunderstorm at one point. Needless to say, I spent the morning inside.

Went on the computer after breakfast. I finally heard from the career counselor from Stockton. She said that despite all my fears, I did a great job explaining my experience and skills. She also brought up the work/life balance that Mom and Mrs. Stahl addressed as well. I do some writing every day - I write in my journal offline and this blog online. I'm just not great at finding other things for me to do, especially with my shyness and difficult schedule. She also said that she understood my anxiety issues and that I shouldn't let what my next move should be overwhelm me - I have a lot to offer an employer. She revamped not one, but three resumes for different interests - writing, clerical work, and publishing and media jobs.

After I finished with her, I decided to dress the American Girl dolls in clothes more suited to late summer-early fall and the beginning of school. Samantha opted to dress up for her first day of class in her pretty pink and white Tea Dress with the removable collar and the white heeled shoes from Rebecca's Lace Dress. Molly wears the skirt and short-sleeved sweater from Kit's lavender Meet Outfit with her own white t-strap shoes and socks. Josefina wears her full Meet Outfit except for the leather moccasins (the worn laces on the ones I bought from eBay broke). I'm not entirely satisfied with Jessa's pink, black, and white faux-layered knit shirt over her new pink and blue denim skirt from the May Fair - I may switch the shirt sometime soon. Felicity's perfectly fine in her pale green dress and hat.

Watched more Stooges cartoons during lunch and as I got ready for work. I really felt sorry for the guys in this round. If they weren't being annoyed by Get Out of Town Sundown Brown, then they're being chased by the little boy who turns into an evil villain when the word "bad" is spoken. Most episodes end with them being ran out of town, often for no reason. Favorites from these discs include "The Plumbers' Friend" (the Stooges attempt to repair pipes...and end up causing a flood), "Hairbrained Barbers" (they get to practice their newly-minted hair-cutting skills on the mane of a rock star), "Curly In Wonderland" (Curly Joe gets quite an eyeful when he falls into the famous fantasy world and all the characters look like his two best pals), and "Three Wizards of Odds" (an ugly queen wants her royal Stooge wizards to make her gorgeous...or else!).

Luckily for me, the rain was gone by the time I headed to work. It was humid and cloudy, but not really that hot. The weather did keep the clouds at bay. It was slightly busier throughout much of the evening, but still not overwhelmingly busy. Most people are probably waiting for the weekend. I had plenty of time to shelve candy and was able to leave with no relief.

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