Friday, August 09, 2013

Short Storms Stories

Started another humid, cloudy day with the last of the Care Bears episodes on the set (except for The Care Bears Nutcracker, which I already have). Hugs and Tugs once again play helpful native kids in a Gram story, this time aiding Spanish mapmaker Brave Heart in finding his way back to his ship and dodging greedy conquistadors Beastly and Shrieky in "Desert Gold." The bears have to deal with "The All Powerful Mr. Beastly," who has snared No Heart's shattered amulet to try to capture them, but can't control its magic. Birthday Bear is upset when he thinks that the others forgot his birthday in "Birthday Bear's Blues." When they're trapped in a maze by No Heart, he and a little rich boy who was shunned by the others learn that the best birthday party doesn't involve the amount of toys you play with, but the fun you have with friends and family.

Work, thank heavens, was easier to deal with than it has been for most of the past week. It was on-and-off busy, and most people seemed to be in a more decent mood. Perhaps they were happy they dodged the weather. There was a thunderstorm around 3:30. It was noisy, but it didn't last for very long. It was long gone by the time a manager went in for me so I could head out.

I really needed to do grocery shopping today, but I realized as early as the first hour I was there that I left my money at home. Oops. That was ok. An extra ride never hurt anyone. The painters were downstairs when I arrived, blasting "Bohemian Rhapsody." I head-banged along with them, stopping to pick up my money and change into regular clothes before returning to the Acme. Thankfully, by this point the sun was out. It was hot and humid and hazy, but the clouds above weren't really threatening.

Finally got my shopping in around 5:30-quarter of 6. It wasn't a big order. I mainly needed to restock meat. Picked up salmon and whiting single packs, chicken drumsticks, and ground turkey (the last named had a manager's coupon). Needed to restock brown sugar, cooking oil (Smart Balance was on sale), oatmeal, coconut, tomato sauce, navy beans, and peanut butter (I'm so glad the Smucker's Natural was still on a really good $1.99 sale - I may have to get more before it ends). The Acme's dollar produce sale included the 8 oz bottles of pomegranate juice. I bought those instead of the more expensive fruit concentrate.

When I finally got home, I listened to one of my Classic Disney CDs and made a delicious dinner. I really like how the chicken burgers came out. Ground chicken, poultry seasoning, wheat germ, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper...and ground chicken is far moister than ground turkey. I added corn on the cob, tomatoes, and cucumbers from the farm market for a simple summer dinner.

Oh, and I got a great schedule this week. It's definitely the best I've had in weeks. I work early all week - the latest I work is 6. I have Tuesday and Saturday off, Tuesday for counseling.

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