Friday, April 10, 2020

Dolls and Matches

Began a sunny and very windy morning with breakfast and Split Second. It was another photo finish, but this time one of the ladies pulled ahead in the speed round and ended up killing the other two. Her luck continued into the bonus round, where she found the three car boards on her first try.

Went online a little early to pay some bills, then watched a rare morning Match Game syndicated premiere. The same fellow putting out the marathons has also continued to debut regular episodes in sequence. The one this morning was especially funny as the other panelists tease Gary Crosby (Bing Crosby's singer son) about a rather bad 1961 movie he appeared in, Two Tickets to Paris.

Match Game Syndication 220 - "Two Tickets to Paris with Gary Crosby"

I also decided to give Hulu a shot while I was online. They're one of the many streaming services out there, with a lot of good shows and some decent movies in their archives. One of those movies at the moment is Prince of Egypt, which I wanted to cover for Easter. I'll discuss it further at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog tomorrow.

A long time ago, possibly as long as five years ago, I found a note book at a yard sale filled with recipes cut from magazines and newspapers likely going as far back as the 70's. Tried one of those recipes today. Trailside Oatmeal Cookies is basically an oatmeal-peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips and butter. It's also supposed to have raisins, but I had none on hand. Oh, yum! The bottoms of my first batch came out slightly too dark, but the rest were fine, nutty and chewy and sweet.

After a quick lunch, I dressed the American Girl dolls for Easter and spring. Whitney is in the pink in Kit's Springtime Dress, pink shoes, and bobby socks borrowed from Molly. Molly wears her aqua polka-dot skirt and blouse and white t-strap shoes. Samantha is also in a limited-edition outfit, her magenta and pink Flower Picking Dress and black and white button boots. Ariel gets the simple white and pink Flower Girl Outfit and sandals. Felicity celebrates her birthday this month in her salmon-pink Birthday Dress and and floral pinner apron. Jessa wears the original late 90's modern Birthday Outfit with the thin-strap fruit print jumper over the t-shirt and purple jelly sandals. Josefina's birthday was last month, but she still gets to wear her Feast Day Celebration turquoise skirt and ruffled camisa (shift).

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the Marcia Wallace Match Game marathon, including while eating tacos for dinner. Sarcastic Marcia came via The Bob Newhart Show, where she played Bob's super-efficient secretary. Today, she's best-known as the long-time voice of Bart's cranky teacher Ms. Krabapple on The Simpsons. It probably won't come as a surprise to discover she and Brett became fast friends, as they shared a similar salty sense of humor. Sometimes, Marcia could get a little too salty; one of her answers on a PM episode got bleeped out. In another 1977 episodes, Gene and Richard used the freckles on her frequently-bare shoulders to play tic tac toe.

She's another one who did some of her better work in the late 70's and early 80's. She showed off those shoulders when people wrote in complaining about her constantly wearing tube tops. In another episode, she got to sit in Brett's center seat when her best friend was off doing a play. She also got a huge 20,000 win on a PM episode, and a fairly large 10,000 on a 1981 show.

Here's the entire marathon, so you can see Marcia's witticisms and antics for  yourself! Tomorrow's marathon will revolve around her fellow Bob Newhart cast member, eternally nervous Bill Daily.

The Best of Marcia Wallace on Match Game Marathon 1974 - 1981

Rose called shortly after I went on the marathon. She and Craig aren't doing as badly as some of their neighbors. Rose does law work for the government and is considered an essential worker (though she's not working as many hours as she used to), and Craig's helping Anthony's, the fancy Italian restaurant where he works, with their take-out meals. In fact, Rose offered to bring me an Italian dinner from Anthony's for my birthday present. Aww, that's perfect! I can't carry a huge dinner home on my bike, and my apartment is so far off the road, it's hard for most delivery people to find.

Jodie called during dinner. Turns out Dana and Jesse were able to buy the house they wanted online, and I'll be able to move June 1st after all. I did argue with her over cable. I don't want cable. I don't need cable. Her offer of free cable is nice, but the Internet provides everything I need. Cable is an 80's relic. I don't need 500 channels, just whatever I can get off the streaming companies and the football and hockey networks.


Linda said...

It depends. Would you have to pay for the cable? If so, I know your budget is limited. If it's included you could get limited service. I know you like Food Network and if you also get Cooking Channel you could watch GOOD EATS. But you seem to be doing okay with streaming, so, yeah, it doesn't seem worth it. We are keeping Dish for the channels we do watch, like NatGeo and Smithsonian.

Emma said...

No, they'd pay for it as part of their Verizon package. I keep trying to tell Jodie that I'm happy with what I have, free or not, and that I don't need anything else. I don't think she's used to someone saying they don't need 500 channels. (Though all she and Dad watch are local news, war documentaries, football, constant "Law & Order" reruns on USA, and the occasional movie on HBO.) :P