Thursday, April 02, 2020

Winds and Matches

Kicked off the day with To Tell the Truth. The first contestants were three women who claimed to be former Seargents. Everyone, including me, guessed number 2 after she protested about having to put up her hair quickly...and we were all right. The next ones advocated a cause that's near and dear to my heart - they studied the habits and habitat of black bears. I thought it was number 3 on the end, who spoke so strongly for bears, she reminded Allen Ludden of his animal-loving wife Betty White. Turns out it was the only guy, strapping number 2.

Spent almost all of work pushing carts, and couldn't have been happier to do it. While it was windy and chillier than yesterday, it also remained sunny and bright. Early in the morning, about an hour after I arrived, I found a cart with a pile of DVDs. They weren't from the Acme. Someone probably intended to drop them at Goodwill before they found it's closed and just dumped them. I kept The Buddy Holly Story and Batman Forever and dropped the rest of the stack in the back room with a sign "Free to a good home." Half of them were already gone by the time I finished work.

The Acme had a good sale on sugar this week. I didn't desperately need it, but the sale was too good to ignore. I really shouldn't be buying stuffed animals, since I'm moving next month, but...I've seen Easter ducks, bunnies, chickens, lambs, and sheep, but I've never seen an Easter llama. Adorable,  plump stuffed llamas were on a bottom shelf. They had a pink one and two tan, but I liked the truly unique white one in the back. I named her Faith, so I remember to have some right now.

As soon as I got home, I changed and had a quick lunch while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel is "Taking Care of Snowball," the class pet. He and Wednesday are excited to play with him, clean his cage, and feed him vegetables. He's even happier to help with "Margaret's Bathtime" and keep her amused while his mother prepares their snacks.

After delivering the rent and security deposit next door, I went to the laundromat. I had work clothes that needed to be done, and there were my sheets and towels too. I wish they hadn't been busy when I arrived, but they gradually cleared out. There was only one other person there when I finally got my laundry out of the drier and dashed home.

Put the laundry away, then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with another Match Game marathon. Bubbly Elaine Joyce may have acted the dumb blonde role, but she really wasn't a bad player. She won 10,000 for contestants at least three times, including on a PM episode, and matched fairly often. Her ditzy demeanor and stunning body came in more often for jokes, including a syndicated episode where she showed it off (to the delight of the audience). Another syndicated show had her getting into a major and noisy argument with Brett and Charles over their cracks about her answer, to the point where things might have gotten ugly if Gene hadn't intervened.

She was married to fellow dancer Bobby Van through the 70's; when he died of a brain tumor in 1980, she was devastated. Maybe that's why they brought on her adorable daughter Taylor in a 1982 syndicated episode, dressed in her own little Polish dance costume. (The little darling looked almost exactly like her father, too.)

Here's the marathon for your enjoyment! Tomorrow's marathon will revolve around former Laugh-In host turned game show wit and TV director Dick Martin!

The Best of Elaine Joyce on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1982

Finished out the night with Deep In My Heart. I go further into this semi-revue biography on composer Sigmund Romberg at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Deep In My Heart (1954)

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