Saturday, April 11, 2020

When You Believe

Began a sunny, windy spring morning with breakfast and Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement. Daffy avoids an animated with a peculiar sense of humor as he stars in three original shorts with springtime themes. He and Sylvester chase a golden egg in the first cartoon. The second has him trying to keep Speedy Gonzales out of a chocolate bunny factory. He's solo in the third as he tries to make his way north without flying.

Work's made further restrictions. Now everyone has to wear masks to get in. I started out the day pushing carts, but spent the rest of it cleaning. I'm not fond of cleaning, but it has to be done. It's really more trying to explain to people why we're so short on certain things. There's flour and sugar, but no yeast, and the toilet paper keeps vanishing. The vast majority of our Easter candy and novelties were gone, too. Looks like the Easter Bunny will make some kids happy this year, even if they can't leave their houses.

I had a little Easter shopping of my own to do. Had a coupon for free hamburger buns from the Monopoly game. I'll make tuna salad sandwiches for my birthday picnic and bring a small bag of Popchips and sticks of celery and carrots. Picked up raisins and orange juice for my birthday carrot cake and potatoes for Easter dinner. Rose's birthday was last Tuesday. I bought her a card and a gift card and will give them to her when she brings my Italian dinner. Found two more flounder fillets on sale; had online coupons for tangerines and beef hot dogs. I loved that pint of coconut milk ice cream I had a few weeks ago so much, I thought I'd try their toasted coconut flavor. Restocked milk, brown sugar, yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate chips, strawberries, and oatmeal.

Mixed feelings on next week's schedule. Thankfully, I have two spread-out days off, one on Tuesday for my birthday, and fewer hours. However, the hours that I do have are very early in the morning, and I have to work Easter. The head bagger always goes on vacation the week of major holidays. She's been here far longer than the rest of us and works twice as many hours as the rest of us do. She's not the only one, either. At least five people are using vacation weeks before our vacation cycle starts over in May, and others simply can't come in with everything going on.

Went home and put everything away while starting Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies. The Easter Bunny is sick, and Granny hopes that Bugs will replace him. Bugs is too busy making cartoons to help, so he turns her towards the other Toons, who show her some of their very best shorts to convince her to give them the job.

Worked on writing for a little while. Charles finally convinces Fannie to tell them what's going on. Malade's not holding a ball to have a little fun. According to Fannie's contact at the Palace, it's a trap to lure the Queen, Princesses, and wizards out of hiding. Trouble is, she can't go. Her stepmother won't allow it, and someone may recognize herself, that is...

Broke for dinner at 7. Made almond-crusted flounder and sauteed spinach and mushrooms while finishing up Easter Funnies, then watched Easter Parade. I discussed this springtime-set musical meringue with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog last year

Easter Parade

This year's Easter review is Dreamworks' only theatrical animated musical to date, the stirring retelling of Moses leading his people to freedom Prince of Egypt.

Prince of Egypt

And after you've enjoyed those, here's even more Easter programming for your at-home spring holiday:

The Bernstein Bears' Easter Surprise
Disney Silly Symphonies - Funny Little Bunnies
A Family Circus Easter
Buttons & Rusty Meet the Easter Bunny (A Chucklewood Easter)
The Smurfs' Springtime
Thumpkin & the Easter Bunnies
Ice Age - The Great Egg-Scape
Easter Is
The Jack Rabbit Story: Easter Fever
Follow That Bunny

And the guy who posts the Match Game marathons had trouble getting one of the Bill Daily episodes through YouTube...but it seems to be ready now. Celebrate Easter with one of the craziest of all panelists, eternally nervous Bill Daily, at 1 PM tomorrow!

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