Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Matches for Earth Day

Began the day with work. Though I did manage to get out and do carts for the first hour, I spent most of the day inside. I cleaned as best I could, but the cashiers kept calling me to return cold items, and then I had to sweep later in the afternoon. The other baggers were doing carts and counting people at the door. It was steady on and off, too.

I managed to snag two more boxes, including a large one from the floral department manager...but they were way too big to carry in my basket, no matter how hard I tried to get them to stay there. Didn't help that, while it was sunny and bright today, it was also chilly and gale-force windy. I even fell off my bike at one point. Thankfully, it only resulted in mildly bruised knees. I didn't even stain my pants. A neighbor who lives down the street finally stopped and said she'd drop them off at my house while I rode the rest of the way home. They were on the curb when I got in.

(And...I'm going to avoid picking up any more boxes until we get closer to moving and everything is more settled. I have lots of small boxes at home and can't carry the larger boxes I do need home on my bike.)

Ran The Lorax in honor or Earth Day while changing and throwing together leftovers for dinner. The Lorax is a little orange fellow who speaks for the Truffula trees, but the greedy Onceler chops them down to make his faddish Thneeds. When the supply runs out, both learn a sad lesson in the damage unchecked "progress" can do.

Finished the night with today's Match Game marathon. Lee Merriweather was crowned Miss America in 1955; today, she's best-known as a TV actress in shows like the detective drama Barnaby Jones and as Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie. She brought her beauty, charm, and dry wit to the series starting in late 1973. Needless to say, many a man (including Gene and Richard) wished to kiss this former beauty queen, and Richard had to help fend off many an overly amorous contestant!

My favorite episode from this one was one of Lee's last appearances on the show  (by which time she'd become a strawberry blonde) during the syndicated era. In order to demonstrate who the Rockettes were to a British contestant, she and Fannie Flagg got together to do a kickline of their own that was definitely the hit of the show!

Check this one out and see if you can match wits with this purrfect panelist! Bring your Blue Knight and Police Squad badges along tomorrow for the next semi-regular in the spotlight, big George Kennedy, at 4 PM.

The Best of Lee Merriweather on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1981


Linda said...

Emma, when we moved from our apartment to our house and ran out of boxes, we just used garbage bags for the soft things. Our friend Phyllis called them "flexible boxes." Remember you can put clothes, stuffed animals, bedding, pillows, extra blankets, throws, towels, facecloths, bathmats, even crochet projects in big plastic garbage bags. Just tag each bag on what's in it. You can also put stuff in your suitcases and any backpack/etc. you have. Small things you really have to remember, like a computer mouse, USB cords, power cords, etc, can go in a big purse, too.

Emma said...

I actually did use big plastic bags for some soft items the last time I moved; thank you for reminding me that I need to pick up a box. I have three suitcases, one of which I've already packed with linens I'm not using, and a laptop bag leftover from college that will be perfect for carrying not only the laptop, but most everything in and on the desk. I'll use my backpack for anything I need the day I move and the day before. :)