Thursday, April 09, 2020

Thunder and Matches

Began a sunny, breezy morning with Strawberry Pancakes for breakfast and Buzzr. Split Second showcased a real nail-biter of a game, with all three contestants neck and neck for nearly the entire speed round. One of the women finally pulled through in the end and opted to take a beaver fur coat rather than the car. A college student had no problems getting around a pair of sisters on Blockbusters, but just couldn't make a row fast enough to win the bonus round.

Switched to my Music of Spring LP while making the bed. The songs here aren't quite as related to the seasons as the ones on Tune Up to Spring are. I suspect numbers like "I Could Have Danced All Night" and the title song from Camelot were included because they were popular at the time,  not because they related to spring. Still, some of them were pretty good, including two instrumentals from Broadway hits, "Younger Than Springtime" and "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?"

Headed out after I finished the bed. I really wanted to get the laundry done. It was a gorgeous day for it, sunny and blue if not quite as warm as yesterday. The neighborhood looks wonderful, even if few people can see it, with pale green leaves and purple and white hyacinths popping up everywhere.

I picked the right time to do it. The laundromat was empty when I arrived, and I only saw two people the entire time I was there. I really wanted to get my load done as fast as I could. I didn't like the look of several ominous dark clouds on the horizon...and neither did Channel 6, who managed to squeeze thunderstorm warnings in between stories about the virus.

Needless to say, I rushed home as soon as my laundry was out of the dryer. I'd just managed to get everything upstairs and bring my recycling downstairs when the wind turned into a gale, and it started to pour and thunder! Channel 6, for once, was right that the storms were fast-moving. They were in around 2 PM and long-gone by 3.

While it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow, it'll return to the upper 50's and 60's after that. I don't think I'll be needing my thick corduroy pants or turtlenecks for a while. It was time to pull out the warm-weather clothes and pack up those intended for colder temperatures. Since I'll hopefully be moving in a few months, I also pulled out my largest suitcase and packed up towels and linens I won't need before then, as well as my bathing suit and pool towel. Dad and Jodie said they didn't intend to open the pool this year. (I was surprised they opened it last year.)

Watched The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That while having a quick Orange-Banana-Coconut Smoothie for lunch. Sally and Nick want to make a surprise salad for Nick's mom, but she keeps popping into the kitchen. The Cat takes the kids to meet Twitch the rabbit and her babies to show them how her "Thump!" alerts her family to approaching danger. Bucky the Squirrel shows the kids how to find things they have "Squirrled Away" by using markers to remember where they hid them.

Spent the rest of the night online with another Match Game marathon on YouTube. Wacky McLean Stevenson of MASH only showed up during the very beginning and very end of the 70s Match Game's run, but he livened things up every time he appeared. In 1973 alone, he turned up in a contestant's desk in one episode and went shirtless in another. He chased Gene around the studio and vigorously smooched him, Richard, and the contestants in several '74 shows.

By the end of the syndicated run, he'd become the permanent replacement for Richard Dawson. His antics were very welcome, whether he took over hosting a show for Gene (twice, once briefly), let Ted Lange of The Love Boat dress him as a cowboy in a fancy suit, or accepted fashion advice from Brett. He also had a memorable bit in the show's final episode where a contestant insisted on kissing him, whether she won or not...and really got into it when she did get it!

Here's the full marathon, so you can enjoy all of McLean's wild host-chasing lunacy! Tomorrow's focus switches to my second-favorite female panelist after Brett, delightfully witty and sarcastic  Marcia Wallace.

The Best of McLean Stevenson on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1982

Finished the night with the 1973 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I go further into this Andrew Lloyd Webber religious rock opera at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

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