Friday, April 03, 2020

Laugh-Ins and Matches

Started off the morning with work. I did spend the first half and the last half-hour with the carts, but the managers wanted me to refill the spray and sanitizer bottles after break. I had no problems filling the sanitzer bottles, but the refiller for the glass cleaner was broken. I had to get help prying the caps off the big refill bottles, and then the glass cleaner kept foaming and overflowing! The head bagger told me I had to add water manually.

I was very glad to finish work and go into grocery shopping after all that. The small crowd during lunch had died down by the time I was going over my list; there were still people in the aisles, but not as many. (And quite a few were not going the way directed by the red blocks and green arrows on the floor.) Actually managed to find a small container of chicken legs on sale. Got turkey bacon and asparagus for my Easter dinner next week and grape tomatoes and canned chicken for lunch. Strawberries were buy-one, get-one. I still have a coupon for the Acme's generic non-dairy pint ice cream; went with the almond milk Peanut Butter and Cookies. (The coupon worked this time.) Restocked butter, yogurt, cereal, vinegar, picante sauce, milk, and the one cleaning product they had plenty of - toilet bowl cleaner.

Oh, and I discovered when I paid that I suddenly have 265 in food stamps instead of 85! I thought it was a government oversight, until another bagger said something about my money from last month carrying over or something. All I care is that I now have enough money in there to pay for at least two and a half month's worth of groceries, rather than a half a month.

Another long schedule next week. In good news, all morning work again, and that'll mean another big paycheck...but my next day off isn't until Thursday! I do have Thursday and Friday off, but my last day off was Tuesday. I hate it when I have to work over a week without a break. I know I'm supposed to be happy I have a job at all, but it is tiring.

Went straight home and put everything away, then made that lunch. Tossed chicken and tomatoes with broccoli, asparagus, scallions, blocks of cheese, a lime-olive oil dressing, and whole wheat spiral pasta for Spring Vegetable and Pasta Salad. After I ate, I finally got around to vacuuming the apartment, which I desperately needed to do. I've been at home more than usual; the kitchen carpet was a mess.

Watched the Canon Movie Tales Rumplestiltskin while I worked. I'll go further into that one tomorrow in a review for my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night with the next Match Game Marathon. Dick Martin is best-known today as one of the hosts of Laugh-In, but he also brought his goofy wit and fun-time persona to game shows during the 1970's and early 80's. He could occasionally get a little too goofy; they bleeped him twice on two early episodes, one for an inappropriate answer, one for an answer that would have overly offended a celebrity. He turned up more frequently during the late 70's and early 80's syndicated years as one of several replacements for Richard Dawson. As such, he figured into several memorable episodes, including one that ended with him following Elaine Joyce off-stage and another that had Joyce and Eva Gabor constantly leaning over McLean Stevenson, placing him in full view of their not-inconsiderable curves. There was also the time Gene introduced Tab Hunter's young, beautiful valley-girl hairdresser to the audience.

Hope you have a "laugh-in" of your own with one of TV's most in-demand directors and wits! Tomorrow's marathon revolves around lovely and feisty sitcom actress Debralee Scott.

The Best of Dick Martin on Match Game Marathon 1974 - 1982

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