Friday, April 17, 2020

Good Eating Matches

Began the day with work. I spent the first half of my shift gathering carts. It was a lovely day for it, bright blue and sunny but chilly for this time of the year. I was pulled ten minutes before my break to clean and didn't get my break until almost an hour later. Thankfully, it was a short shift, and one of the other baggers took over doing the bathrooms right before I left.

Did my grocery shopping as soon as I got off. Didn't have a huge order, since I ate out of the fridge for most of the week, but there were some things I needed. My scrub brushes wore out ages ago. I found two on decent sales. Had online coupons for strawberries, sponges, and Parmesan cheese. Never saw The Cheesecake Factory pint ice creams before; thought I'd try their Key Lime flavor. Khai's birthday is on Sunday. I bought him a card and, thanks to the Acme restoring their toy section earlier in the winter, a card game. Restocked milk, buttermilk, honey, whole wheat flour, canned pineapple, and cereal.

Not overly happy with my schedule this week. In good news, three days off and slightly more hours. Trouble is, three of the four days I do work are 8 1/2 hours, and I'm stuck cleaning for two of the four days. They're all early, too. There just isn't enough help in the morning. The days I'm cleaning are the days the head bagger is off or up front cashiering.

After I got home, I changed, put everything away, and ran a few episodes of the new and revised Good Eats. With air fryers now more common, frying has become popular again...but I'm still not willing to try the oil-based variety Alton uses for fish sticks and French fries and fried chicken in "Fry Hard" and "Fry Hard II." Unlike his (fictional) sister Marsha, I'm not concerned about fat. I'm more worried about the mess deep-fat frying makes in your kitchen. On the other hand, the recipes in "Art of Darkness II" using cocoa powder are something I'd actually try, especially the brownies!

Headed out to get the laundry done around quarter of 3. Most people are being encouraged to sit in their cars unless they need to retrieve their loads. I don't have that option...but thankfully, I saw only three people the whole time I was there, and I didn't have a very big load anyway. I worked on story notes and ignored the soap operas and bleating news reports on Channel 6.

Put everything away when I got in, then spent the rest of the night watching the next Match Game marathon. Tough guy comedian Scoey Mitchlll may not have been the best at matching - in fact, he rarely matched the contestants - but he did take part in some of the funniest episodes of the entire series. He switched places with Charles in one 1975 show, and the two spent the games imitating each other. In an episode from 1977, he walked off in the middle of a game to use the bathroom. He and the others encountered a very funny little old man who sounded like Wally Cox and called himself "Tiger" in a PM show from 1979.

Two of his most memorable appearances came from the later syndicated shows. When told to "lay out" after matching a contestant, he literally laid out and took a nap against Gene's entrance! Gene even brought him a pillow. A few weeks later, Gene got angry when he saw him wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a southern California radio station and tore the shirt to shreds (revealing Scoey's muscular body), only to attempt to tape it back together later.

Here's the entire marathon, so you can match wits with the toughest man in game shows! Tomorrow at 4 PM is a "Salute to Happy Days," featuring stars from that beloved sitcom who appeared on Match Game, Look for Tom Bosley, Anton Williams, Pat Moriata, and many others!

The Best of Scoey Mitchlll on Match Game Marathon 1974 - 1982

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