Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Rhymes and Matches

Began the morning at work. Thankfully, they got one of the boys to clean the bathrooms. Except for sweeping the inside twice, I spent almost the entire day gathering carts. Nice day for it, too, windy but sunny and warmer than yesterday, probably in the upper 50's. I would have rather been outside with the carts than anywhere else in the store, and not just because of current events.

Went straight home after work. I really needed to clean the kitchen. I've eaten at home a lot more than usual, and the stove and sink were especially grimy.

Watched a couple of episodes of the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake on The Roku Channel while I worked. Strawberry is excited to hold "A Festival of Friends" for young ladies from many different lands. She's happy to host Tea Blossom and Marza Panda of Plum Blossom Province, but Tea is soft-spoken and doesn't enjoy a lot of the sweeter flavors and wilder activities she does. Strawberry is upset when their outing around Strawberrland ends in disaster, but she learns to be honest with her friend...and so does Angel Cake when her efforts to make friendship cakes alone don't work out.

"When the Berry Fairy Came to Stay" introduces Margalo, a Berry Fairy Princess First Class, who is found by Strawberry and her pets after she hurts her wing. She comes to enjoy Strawberry and her friends fussing over her so much, she fakes her injury in order to stay. The pets try to tell Strawberry she's lying, but she doesn't listen until they run away and she discovers that the berry plants are dying without Margalo to give them their color.

"The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry" introduces Strawberry, Gingersnap, and the pets to another, friendlier fairy. I can entirely relate to poor Sherry, a clumsy Berry Fairy Princess Fourth Class who is taunted by her peers and ignored by fairies in higher authority. She's discovered that a flood is heading towards the Fairy's town, but no one will believe her. Strawberry, Ginger Snap, and the pets help get her back to the town and encourage her to use her own talents to save the fairies and divert the flood.

Finished the day and celebrated April Fool's Day with the next Match Game Marathon. Nipsey Russell was a stand-up comedian who became a popular panelist on his game shows, thanks to his dry wit and his legendary poems that often accompanied his answers or finished an episode. He too started out in '73 and became a semi-regular, usually starting things off in the first seat next to Brett. He became well-known enough by his final appearance in the 1979 syndicated version to have a question that revolved around him. He was also genuinely good at the game, winning big money for contestants on at least two PM episodes.

Bring your best rhymes to this marathon! And come back tomorrow for the next one, revolving around the blonde bombshell of Match Game, dancer and comedienne Elaine Joyce!

The Best of Nipsey Russell on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1979

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