Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tigers, Rabbits, and Matches, Oh My!

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Waits for Show and Tell" has him all ready to show his class the photo book of his birthday that he and his dad made. To pass the time, Teacher Harriett and the kids sing songs and wait for a duck egg to hatch. "A Trip to the Restaurant" is made easier when Katarina and Dan play games while they wait for their meals to come.

Switched to the musical The Shocking Miss Pilgrim on Roku's TV Time Musicals channel after breakfast. I go further into this tale of the first woman secretary in Boston at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Cult Flops - The Shocking Miss Pilgrim

Did things around the apartment while the movie was on. I stripped the flannel sheets off the bed and replaced them with the lighter cotton ones I use for spring and fall, then went through stacked papers and envelopes on the table next to my desk and got my bills sorted. Cleaned the bathroom after that. I was at home a lot more than usual this month, and the sink and especially the bathtub needed it.

Put on Here Comes Peter Cottontail as I finished the cleaning and had a quick lunch. Peter (Casey Kasem) is a cocky young fellow under consideration for the title of Chief Easter Bunny, but nasty old Irontail (Vincent Price) wants to take over the role. He easily sabotages Peter, becoming the new head of April Valley and Easter. Peter has to travel through a year's worth of holidays to give away the eggs he was supposed to deliver at Easter and evade Irontail's attempts to destroy them.

Did some writing after the cartoon ended. Ethel banishes Fannie to the kitchen and denies her dinner for dropping the tray. Richard scolds her for being unkind to the young woman over a simple mistake. He and Charles flee after Fannie before Ethel's daughters can attempt to throw themselves at them again.

Spent the rest of the day resuming the Match Game marathons. Patti Deustch, one of the most creative of all the semi-regulars, was in the spotlight today. Her deadpan expressions and offbeat answers that only occasionally matched the contestant made her divisive among fans. Personally, I think she's hilarious, whether she matches or not. Patti started off in a memorable episode in 1973 that also featured Mr. Magoo himself Jim Backus. One of her more memorable early appearances had Gene asking her if he could "get a little milk" from her. Others showed off her odd answers, like her response to one about what would make Long John Silver do the high jump on his peg leg.

She also took part in one of the funniest early syndicated episodes, along with Dolly & Dick Martin and Nipsey Russell. A contestant got so excited, she practically attacked Gene. He dove away and hid behind the set. Nipsey opted to hug and kiss the girl instead, insisting "If you won't take advantage (Gene), than I will!"

And speaking of Nipsey, he's our next semi-regular in the spotlight. Be sure to bring your favorite rhymes to these episodes revolving around the Poet Laureate of Television, tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern! For now, here's Patti's marathon, for your enjoyment.

The Best of Patti Deustch on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1979

Oh, and Jodie called again while the marathon was on. Now she's pushing back the moving to July. It depends on when Dana and Jesse can make the deal on their house.

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