Monday, March 23, 2020

Rainy Day Matches

Began the morning with breakfast and Tiny Toon Adventures. Fairy Babs prepares for "Springtime In Acme Acres" with three shorts about the Toons' warm-weather activities. "Love Among the Toons" has the Elmer Fudd-like Cupid giving his bow and arrow to Conrad the Buzzard so he can take a vacation. He returns to discover Conrad's made all kinds of mix-up matches, including Babs and Montana Max. "Elmyra's Spring Cleaning" proves to be hazardous to the health of several of her pets, including a fish whose bowl she sucks into her vacuum cleaner. "That's Incredibly Stupid" is a spoof of the kids' stunt shows that were popular in the late 80's-early 90's. Plucky continually makes Dizzy do increasingly difficult stunts, but he's the one in trouble when one stunt has him judging a muscle woman beauty pageant!

Spent most of the day at work. I cleaned the bathroom and wiped down credit card machines and freezer doors for the entire 7 hours. I kind of wish I could have switched off with someone else, but I guess the head manager likes how I do it. In the last hour, I also cleaned and dusted a shelf in the front of the frozen food area that was mostly empty.

Maybe it's just as well. It rained all day here. I went to work and got wet, and I went home and got wet. I was soaked when I came in the door.

As soon as I got in, I changed into dry clothes and went online. Today was the second half of that Richard Dawson-focused marathon on YouTube. I missed a lot of good episodes, including the infamous "School Riot," but I did come around in time to catch a few. The "school riot" was not the last time Richard argued with the judges over an answer. In one of his last episodes from 1978, he insisted that his and Susan Richardson's answer of "toes" matched "feet," which Ira Skutch, the judge and the show's producer, didn't agree with. He's not the only one who insisted his answer was right, either. In an earlier episode, Betty White insisted her "hips" answer matched "buns." Gene and Richard were more than happy to use her own hips and buns for a demonstration.

Here's the marathon in its entirety if you'd like to check out the rest of Richard Dawson's run on the show!

Best of Richard Dawson on Match Game Marathon - 1976-1978

And tune in tomorrow, folks! It looks like Charles will be the next regular to get a day-long marathon devoted to them.

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