Monday, March 02, 2020

Very Warm for Winter

Kicked off a sunny morning with breakfast and Match Game PM on YouTube. Robert Pine of ChiPs, Dick Martin of Laugh In, and a young Jamie Lee Curtis joined Gene, Charles, and Brett for this episode from 1979. While the contestant did manage to get through the main show, he had no luck in either of the Audience Matches, to the frustration of the panel and the audience.

Went into some online research after breakfast. I wanted to check out ListVerse, a site of lists that pays 100 dollars per list. Sounds great...but they're mostly for general knowledge. Everything I know is so specific! I still want to do it. I need the money and the boost. Just have to figure out what exactly to make a list about.

Broke for lunch at quarter of noon. Switched over to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood at PBS Kids while I had coconut yogurt and oranges for lunch. I had seen "Daniel's Birthday" before. In fact, it's the very first episode of the series. Dan's thrilled when he, his mom, O the Owl, and Katerina Kittycat pick up a tiger-shaped cake for his party...but his delight diminishes when he discovers it got smushed on the ride home. His parents help him find something good about the mess. Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday join little and big Dan for "Daniel's Picnic." The kids are upset when they pop their ball and the picnic gets rained out. Daniel Sr. helps them find the good in a bad situation.

Work didn't get too busy early-on. The head manager did as me to mop the bathrooms at one point, but I otherwise spent the rest of the evening alternating between sweeping the floors, gathering carts, and returning cold items. By the time it picked up, I'd opted to stick to outside. Perfect weather for it, too, with lots of sunshine, fresh breezes, and 60-degree temperatures. I'm surprised the store got as busy as it did. I suspect it had more to do with the beginning of the month than anything else going on.

When I got home, I had leftovers for dinner while checking out an episode of I Dream of Jeannie. It's "Jeannie for the Defense" in the fourth season when Tony is thrown into jail after he slightly bumps a car and the occupants sue him. Roger and Jeannie have to figure out how to prove that the man is lying while bringing Dr. Bellows to court as quickly as possible.

Finished the night before a shower and a Match Game syndicated premiere with two classic color shorts from the Fleischer Brothers. Two poor children imagine themselves "Somewhere In Dreamland," where they pull donut rings on the animal cracker cake-go-round, shake new clothes from trees, and catch popcorn in the popcorn fields. It's all fantasy, but the surprise several townspeople have for them in the end is very real. A spoiled colt teases Spunky the donkey in "Snubbed By a Snob," but it's Spunky who rescues them from an angry bull.

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