Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Matches In the Spring

Kicked off a gorgeous, sunny morning with breakfast and two new-to-me PBS Kids episodes. "Margaret's Birthday" begins with Daniel upset that he's not getting attention, too. Mrs. Tiger tells him that he's a "birthday buddy" and can help her set up games and choose the cake. Daniel's jealousy returns when "Margaret's Birthday Party" begins and everyone wants to play with Margaret and give her presents. He feels better when he helps the others with Pin the Tail On the Panda.

Switched to Molly of Denali for the more sobering "Grandpa's Drum." Molly finds a black and white photo of her Grandpa Nat holding a drum while standing with a girl in glasses. She wonders what happened to that drum, and he tells her that he gave it to the girl after the boarding school they attended wouldn't let them play their native songs. Molly and Tooey track down the now-older woman to find Grandpa's drum and bring his songs back. They say "Have Canoe, Will Paddle" when they and their friend Trini join a canoe race. The trio recruit a former Olympic athlete to coach them. They're upset when an accident loses their canoe, but a surprise helps get them back in the game.

Started dinner while Molly was on. Found a recipe for Turkey Sausage-Black Bean Soup I wanted to try in a recipe book Lauren sent me a few years ago. I didn't have red peppers, but everything else went in just fine. Yum! Glad I saved that turkey sausage. It came out rich, savory, and flavorful and smelled amazing while cooking.

The part I ordered for my bike seat arrived yesterday. I went out to try to get it on, but it wouldn't stay. My seat was slightly too far apart, and the wires may have been just a tad too big. Richard saw me struggling with it and put it on for me later.

At least it was a nice day to work on it. The weather was stunning today, sunny, breezy, and warm, probably in the lower 60's. I'm actually kind of glad that the kids were out of school. This was no day to be in a classroom. I could hear some of them playing in the park as I went back inside.

Did a little bit of writing. Fannie opens the door for a besotted Richard and his entourage. He'd much rather have tea with her than with loud Ethel and her daughters, but she's expected to do chores and bring the tea fixings.

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching another Match Game marathon on YouTube. This one highlighted the best episodes of stage and TV actor and director and acting teacher Charles Nelson Reilly. My personal favorite on this one was one of the best entrances I ever saw on any show. From late 1974 through mid 1975, Charles took a hiatus to direct a Broadway play. He literally dropped back in via flying harness and a stuffed bird! Other fun ones here include Charles and Brett's infamous feuding getting so bad, Gene puts him in the lower tier with Betty White, and two of the best episodes of the later run. Charles kindly gives a balding young man his toupee in a nighttime episode from 1981 and briefly took over as host from Gene in syndicated show from 1981.

The guy who cleans up these shows says he'll be doing one for Charles' sparring buddy Brett Somers tomorrow, and I'm very much looking forward to it. For now, here's the best of everyone's favorite fussy theater star!

The Best of Charles Nelson Reilly on Match Game Marathon - 1973-1981

Finished the night with Music In My Heart as the marathon and Match Game syndicated "premiere" wound down. I go further into an early vehicle for Tony Martin and Rita Hayworth at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Music In My Heart

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