Monday, March 09, 2020

The Warmth of the Sun

After my long week, all I wanted was to get some sleep. I read and did my online journal in bed and didn't roll out until around 9:30. Did an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood during breakfast. "Daniel Gets a Cold" and is disappointed that he'll have to miss Prince Wednesday's birthday party at school, but his parents remind him that he needs to rest. When "Mom Tiger Is Sick," her boys bring her vegetable soup and finish her Fruit Picking Day invitations.

Spent the rest of the morning taking down the winter decorations and putting up the ones for spring and St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I know we're a week from St. Patrick's Day and a week and a half from spring, but the weather went into the lower 70's today. Mother Nature says it's spring, even if the calendar doesn't. Don't have a place for the green tinsel garland anymore, but I was able to put up the St. Patrick's letter banner, the shamrock-print Beanie Baby bear, and the cute vintage animals dressed as leprechauns. Shamrock Bear's joined by spring stuffed animals Lilly the Duck, Sunny the Bunny, Carrots the Beanie Baby Bunny, April the spring Beanie Baby Bear, and Shari the Lamb. Tiny baskets of fabric spring flowers go on the dresser in the living area

Watched the fourth episode of the third season of Downton Abbey while I worked. Things kick off with the return of Branson, who's now wanted by the Irish police for taking part in the destruction of English property. The Crowleys are appalled, and upset that he left his pregnant wife Sybil behind. She arrives safely later, but now wants to stay at Downton. Branson wants to return to Ireland and continue fighting for independence. Meanwhile, the new footman Jimmy and maid Ivy are turning heads, Ethel turns her son over to his grandparents for a better life, Bates is no longer allowed to have letters or visits from Anna, and Edith shocks all when her letter about woman's suffrage is published in a London paper.

Watched a little Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour while eating a very quick lunch, then dashed off to work. As it turned out, I read the schedule wrong. I thought they wanted me at noon; I wasn't due until 12:30. I probably could have come in at any time. We were relatively steady for the entire day, not really dead, but not as busy as yesterday. I began and ended the afternoon with the carts; when another bagger came in at 2, I shelved loose items. Very briefly ended up in a register shortly before I came in, but that was only for another cashier.

It was certainly a gorgeous day to spend a lot of time outside. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Sun warmed the parking lot, and the wind had diminished considerably. I'm surprised were even steady. I figured everyone would be outside.

It was so quiet by 6, I left a few minutes early. Went straight home for leftovers and Match Game. The contestant got so excited and bounced around so much after she won the main game, Gene claimed she actually damaged the floor. Richard actually looked a little nervous when she bounded over to give him a kiss for helping her win money!

Sale of the Century got even more exciting. The two women kept alternating the leads, and the one guy wasn't far behind. In the end, the woman champion bought two of the three Instant Bargains and just barely won the speed round. She opted to return and try for the upcoming prizes; I suspect she had her eye on a vacation to Ireland.

Friday's Let's Make a Deal ended with a lady devil; today's began with a woman angel making bargains. She went for a car, but missed it at the last minute. The big winner of the day was a mermaid in a sexy tight costume, who won over $8,000 in cash for her and her fiancee.

Ran Batman on the Roku Channel next. Robin is "Stuck In the Middle" when he's used as a pawn to lure Batman to the Riddler. The Riddler's girl (Jill St. John) dresses as Robin and pretends to be him in order to infiltrate the Batcave, but she doesn't last long there. Batman has to figure out where they're keeping Robin, and then stop him from taking out his fiendish plan at the Moldovian Embassy.

Finished the night with I Dream of Jeannie at Roku before I watched Match Game premieres on YouTube. "Jeannie and the Wild Pipchicks" from the fourth season has Jeannie's mother sending along her favorite candy. Turns out it can give humans incredible strength. A female sergeant (Reta Shaw) wants it for NASA's nutritional program...but it makes humans amorous if not cooked correctly.

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