Thursday, March 05, 2020

Springtime In the Neighborhood

Awoke to a sunny day and a phone call. The Acme wanted to know if I could come in tomorrow for four hours in the morning. They didn't have enough cashiers and needed the head bagger to take a register. I said yes. I didn't want to give up my day off, but I need the money.

Cheered myself up with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dan and Prince Wednesday are playing in "The Royal Sandbox" when they use Prince Tuesday's crown to top a mud pie. Tuesday's understandably upset and insist they apologize, then do something about it. At school, Dan, Katerina, and Miss Elaina are playing in their own cardboard vehicles. He first complains about Elania beeping in his ear and disrespecting his personal space, but then "Daniel Says He's Sorry" when he accidentally rips Katerina's paper trolley.

Though I did gather trash and recycling early on, I spent the vast majority of the day outside rounding up carts. With sunlight, blue skies, and upper 50-degree weather, I saw no reason to be anywhere else. Neither did anyone else. We weren't nearly as busy today as we were earlier in the week. Most people were likely out enjoying the warmth before rain returns tomorrow.

Went straight home after work. Did an episode of Match Game as I changed and had a snack. Blind contestant Glenn and his service dog Princess made history as one of the first disabled contestants to appear on a game show on the 1980 syndicated Match Game. Glenn made it to the Super Match on his second try, but not before the panel pointed out that one of his competitor's answers to a question about a nasty child offended poor Princess!

Worked on writing a list for the next few hours. I needed to get everything I wanted to ask Dad, Jodie, Jesse, and Dana about the apartment and what I need to do before I move. I need to ask about the apartment itself, for starters. Is it central heating, or will I need my air conditioner? I imagine it has Wifi, since the main house does. What's the rent? Did they work on it before Dana and Jesse moved in? I also made a quick survey of all the furniture I have in the house. I need to do something about the wardrobes. They won't fit in the new place, and I probably won't need them.

Went into writing after I finished the list. Malade grabs Bill the wolf and threatens to drain his energy. Marcia agrees to marry Sheriff Ira and let the wicked witch drain her magic if she'll release him. She does strip Marcia's magic...but binds Bill in rope and a collar, muzzles him, and turns him over to her trolls to take away. Gene and Charles watch in horror as she casts a spell of eternal sleep over the tall redhead. Ira tries to kiss her awake, but she doesn't stir. He's not her true love.

Finished the night eating leftovers for dinner and making Peanut Butter Cookies while watching The Perils of Pauline. I go into more detail on this 1947 biography of early 20th century serial queen Pearl White at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

The Perils of Pauline (1947)

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