Sunday, March 29, 2020

Chasing Matches and Rainbows

Began the morning with breakfast and Johnny Mathis. I figured I needed The Wonderful World of Make Believe. This LP highlights songs from fantasy-themed Broadway shows or films, like the title songs from Camelot, the Disney Alice In Wonderland, and the flop Broadway musical version of Lost Horizon, Shangri-La, or standards with a fantasy bent like "Dream, Dream, Dream" or "Sky Full of Rainbows." "Camelot" and "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" are especially good.

Work was more of a pain. I'm still cleaning bathrooms and wiping down doors. One person actually fussed at me over using the liquid abrasive bleach on the toilets. It cleans better than the regular sanitizer. She said she was allergic, but I do wipe them down with regular sanitizer after I use the bleach. The fact that I was still depressed over Lauren pushing back our get-together so far into the summer didn't help. At least we still weren't that busy, especially for a Sunday.

I needed to do my regular shopping after work. Shockingly, they did have toilet paper. Not a lot - the shelves were far from full - but I was able to grab another single roll. Thankfully, they also had the quart milk containers, which I had an online coupon for. Cranberries are finally out of season; replaced them with tangerines and bananas. Broccoli was on a good sale, too. The Acme's generic dental floss was buy-one, get-one. Decided I deserved Oat-milk oatmeal cookie pint ice cream and a Cherry Vanilla Coke to make an ice cream float and Red Baron cheese pizza. Found two breaded fish fillets with managers coupons and picked up tortillas for tacos later in the week. Restocked butter, yogurt, canned black beans, frozen green beans and almonds, powdered sugar, and molasses.

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then answered the Census and did some writing. Ethel clomps into the parlor, followed by her two daughters. Meredith clings to Richard and keeps giggling. Victoria is sour and sarcastic. Richard asks Ethel about Fannie and her magic, but Ethel dismisses her magic as silly and Fannie as s spoiled child who needs to learn her place.

Finished the night with the next Match Game Marathon. The operator of the channel went the unique route of pulling together episodes that are banned for non PC-answers or skipped because of degraded master tapes or problems with getting celebrity rights clearances. Several early episodes from '73 have bad tapes,  including one with a memorable answer from Shelley Winters. Price Is Right model Anitra Ford only gave her blessings for her week of episodes from 1976 to air on Buzzr in 2018. Good thing, too. It featured the ongoing flirtation between Richard and a gorgeous blonde who went on to win quite a bit of money and was totally hilarious. Other episodes were banned for answers that wouldn't fly today, like one Brett gave during the week with Mama "Cass" Elliot in 1973 and Charles' answer to a question on a PM show in 1975.

This wound up being by far the most popular marathon he's run so far, getting over 100 viewers at its peak. Here it is, for your enjoyment!

Match Game Banned & Skipped Episodes 1973 - 1982

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