Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dolls on a Sleepy Day

Began a gloomy, warm morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Two elderly ladies played a younger teacher with a considerable mustache. The ladies played very well, getting to the end of the board first besides just being plain funny. They had a few bobbles, but did finally win the 5,000 in the bonus round.

Switched to spring-themed records while dressing the dolls for March and the warmer weather. Samantha wears her pretty green floral Special Day Dress and the black shoes from her meet outfit. Whitney borrowed Molly's navy "meet outfit" skirt and saddle shoes and Jessa's green-print Girl Scout turtleneck. Ariel also borrowed Molly's argyle sweater (which has some green in it), modern AG doll jeans, and loafers. Jessa's in an emerald-green wrap blouse, cargo pants, yellow ankle socks,  and denim Springfield Collection sneakers. Josefina gets her lovely sage green-print skirt and long-sleeved camisa (shift) embroidered with red flowers. Molly's in a shamrock-print dress I found at a yard sale years ago and her white t-strap shoes. Felicity gets her friend Elizabeth's celery green "Summer" gown. It has a quilted insert petticoat that makes it more appropriate for spring.

Watched Classic Concentration while eating a quick chocolate-coffee smoothie for lunch. The first female contestant got very lucky, winning a beautiful red Mustang literally at the last second in the bonus round. Her successor didn't have as much luck making matches and missed the car by a mile.

Continued onto Password from the mid-60's while dusting the apartment. Broadway's Barry Nelson and Agnes Moorehead, who is still likely best-known for playing Samantha's witch mother Endora in Bewitched, were today's celebrities here. Moorehead absolutely killed at this, getting her contestants through at least two bonus rounds.

My original plan for today was to hit the Haddon Township Library...but by the time I'd finished dusting, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn't do it. I've been going all week. This was my first day off since last Tuesday. It's also my first chance at a day home all winter. I normally spend at least a day or two entirely at home, due to extreme cold or wind or a snowy day...but it hasn't been that cold, the extreme wind hasn't lasted long enough to be a problem, and we haven't had snow since late January. I fell into bed and napped for two hours.

When I did emerge, I went into writing. Arlene just finished claiming she's no longer able to heal when her partner and business associate Soupy (Sales) storms in. She can heal just fine, he claims. Her potions are wonderful. She just lost confidence after Malade fired her. Charles and Gene convinces her to heal Richard by reminding her that he's Robin Hood, the champion of the people...and he can heap humiliation galore on Malade if he's up and about.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. The Match Game episode was a new one on me. I'd never heard of Joe Silver, but I did recognize homey Esther Rolle of Good Times. Sale of the Century crowned a new champion, a young man who came back to win the speed round at the last minute. He, too, opted to come back the next day and try for the two water skis.

Finished the night with Match Game syndicated premieres on YouTube and The Dolly Sisters after a shower. I go further into the very Hollywood-ized biography of one of the most popular acts in vaudeville in the early 20th century at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

The Dolly Sisters

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