Friday, March 13, 2020

Alone In the Universe

Began a cloudy morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Bill Cullen crowned a new champion, a brother-sister pair who just got past the solo lady. They didn't do nearly as well at the bonus round; the sister kept passing and only got four hexagons.

Made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to cheer myself up after I did the dishes...but maybe episodes five and six of Downton Abbey weren't the best things for me to watch right now. The household is in a tizzy as Lady Sybil prepares to have her baby. Sir Philip, the London obstetrician Lord and Lady Grantham hired, claims she'll be fine, but local doctor Clarkson is concerned about her having Eclampsy and insists she should be taken to a hospital for a cesarean birth. Turns out he's right. The baby survives, but Mary dies from seizures shortly after. Her mother blames her father for not listening to the local man, especially after Matthew reveals he may have been overspending on Downton.

In episode six, Sybil's now-widowed husband Branson wants his baby daughter to be Catholic. Her grandparents don't approve, wanting her to be more like her mother's side of the family. Meanwhile, Mrs. Patimore hires former prostitute Ethel as a housekeeper and has her make a luncheon for the Crowley women, and Anna has to convince a woman who hates her husband Bates to state evidence.

Had yogurt and a banana for lunch while watching Classic Concentration. The two college students playing this afternoon were fun to watch, and crazy-smart. They both got puzzles with very little information. The girl just won the second round as I headed out.

Wanted to go to the Oaklyn Library today partially to donate a huge bag of DVDs, books, and cassettes I no longer want...and partially because I needed a friendly ear to bend. Work's driving me crazy, I'm tired and stressed and scared, I have a massive headache, and I can't see most of my family. No one understands. Everyone has someone they can weather the storm with but me. Even the librarian has her mother. I'm totally alone.

Given how late it was, I had enough time to organize DVDs before dashing out. At least the weather improved by that point. The sun came out as I went to the library. I rolled down Nicholson Road under a blue sky, riding against a fresh, cool gale. It was warm and almost-summery, probably in the 70's.

Went to the Acme next. There were no bags of tangerines, so I bought pears. They're having their occasional "buck a bag" vegetable sale; picked up celery, mushrooms, and bags of scallions, spinach, and mini-sweet peppers. Had online coupons for cranberries, yogurt, milk, and mayo. Potatoes were on sale for St. Patrick's Day; picked two small reds. Restocked bananas (some of the last ones on the shelves), peanut butter, brown sugar, ground chicken, and cereal. Found more of that tasty gingerbread mix on the clearance rack, along with bags of pralines. Saw 20 ounce bottles of the new Cherry Vanilla Coke on a display and thought I'd try one. And amazing as it may seem, I genuinely needed toilet paper. I'm almost out from normal use, and I usually use single rolls anyway.

The lines were ridiculous. I couldn't believe how busy it was. Yes, the shelves were empty of many items. One man tossed Scott tissue rolls into his cart like he was on Supermarket Sweep. He needs to remember that other people might need them, too. Even before I got into line, one of the managers asked me to come in tomorrow. I told them I'd do it. I don't want to do it, but they need the help and I need the money.

At least my schedule's much better. While I'm not overly happy about two very early days this week, I otherwise have more hours and fairly decent ones. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep Tuesday and next Saturday off. If things are going to be this crazy, I'll need the time to recharge.

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then went right back out. I now no longer had the time to do the laundry tomorrow. Maybe no one else did, either. They weren't busy. Didn't have a big load, anyway. Worked on story notes and ignored Action News frantically bleating on the TV.

When I got home, I watched Match Game while putting everything away, then tried to do a little bit of writing. As Charles and Gene explain what happened to Orson, a hip young town crier (Clifton Davis) arrives with news. Her Royal Nastiness has changed her tune and is hiring musicians for a big ball...but only royalty is to attend...

I called Mom earlier while making the cookies, but she was at work. She called me back just as I finished writing and was switching to Sale of the Century. She's fine, probably better than me. While she is in her 60's, she's also healthy, hale, and like me, lives alone. She works at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry as a ticket-taker, and though she did mention that they glassed-in the ticket takers boxes, they're otherwise deleting hours, not adding them. She's also getting along well enough with my sister to see her grandchildren at least once a week.

She told me to try not to focus on my fear so much...but it's hard. All the talk at work scares me. I hate dealing with people. It drains me and frightens me. I don't know what to say to them or what to do when things go wrong. I worry. I don't want anyone upset or angry. I'm just so nervous!

Finished the night with chicken tacos and riced butternut squash for dinner while watching an episode of Charlie's Angels from Crackle. The girls are "Angels at the Altar" in the fourth season when a friend of Kelly's who is getting married (Kim Cattrall) suspects someone is trying to kill her fiancee (John David Carson). Kelly is already her maid of honor and encourages the others to come on board. Kris poses as a maid, Tiffany as a violinist with the musicians, and Bosley as a bartender to find out if they're really after him...or her parents' money.

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