Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Luckier Than You Think

Kicked off a cloudy St. Patrick's Day with Irish Oatmeal Pancakes and Split Second. I just added oatmeal and molasses to the usual whole wheat mix. Not bad, actually. Might have come out better if I hadn't burned the side of one.

Buzzr honored St. Patrick's Day by running episodes themed around "Lucky Wins" all day. Some of them really were amazing, like the come-from-behind victory in Second. With the champ having taken that vacation yesterday, there were three new contestants answering trivia. One of the two women was ahead going into the bonus round...but the other, who bore a striking resemblance to a blonde Annie Potts, emerged the winner. And not only that, but she picked the right board with the car in the bonus round on her first try!

Blockbusters pitted a serious young man with a beard against a mother-and-daughter team (the daughter had the memorable first name "Puff"). Puff and her mom kept blocking his lines, but he finally got through twice. Not only that, but he just barely got the bonus round and picked up $5.500. The father in the father-daughter pair on next had an even more interesting name - Jimmy Carter! (He looked nothing like the president, though, including claiming that peanuts gave him heartburn.)

Switched to the late 70's Wonder Woman while making Irish Soda Bread in a square pan. (My round pans were too big for the recipe.) "Pot o' Gold" from the third season is technically a Christmas episode, but it has more to do with Irish mythology than the winter holidays. Diana has to help a little old Irish shoemaker recover his gold from a small-time crook, who hopes to use it to buy plates from an industrialist.

Returned to Buzzr for the 12 PM Match Game episodes while slicing vegetables and putting together an Irish Chicken Stew in the Crock Pot, then headed out to run errands. I couldn't stay inside anymore. Besides needing a few things, the sun started to emerge around 1. I'm probably one of the only people who can go outside right now, and I figured I might as well take advantage of it.

Came back in before I got past the front walk. Mom gave me a 25 dollar online gift card for Amazon to cheer me up last weekend. I chose the next two Popeye 40's shorts sets from the Warner Archives. I brought them upstairs and slid them on one of the black shelves before going on my way.

Originally, my first stop was going to be the Oaklyn Library. Yes, they are closed, but only for about a week and a half, not for the under a month that the Haddon Township Library will be closed. They're so small, I don't think I've ever seen more than 10 adults in there at a time, even at the knitting club or on computers. I've only seen more than 10 people in there at a time when they've had elementary school classes.

Strolled to WaWa for a treat instead. I'm glad to be able to get out and enjoy spring. It's lovely in the neighborhood now. Pale purple and snow white crocus, brilliant yellow daffodils, and cotton candy pink hyacinths grace every front yard. Sunny dandelions brighten green grass popping out of crinkly lawns. Some of the trees are starting to show flowers; buds have appeared on others.

To my surprise, WaWa was dead when I arrived. I figured I'd be lucky to get in, considering what the Acme's been like. Maybe they're all still at the Acme. The bread was empty and some candy bars were missing, but otherwise, things were perfectly normal. They weren't even really out of milk. (Of course, their milk is kind of expensive.) I bought a beef and cheddar hoagie, a small chocolate-covered coconut egg, and a sinus-clearing Cream Mint Smoothie.

Strolled down the White Horse Pike to see what was open. Dunkin' Donuts had people driving around to their window - I guess that, at least, is open. There were cars in Family Dollar's parking lot, too. The House of Fun was supposed to be open, but they weren't. Had more luck at Dollar General. Mom's birthday is on Friday. I bought her a card and a gift card. Wanted to try the new Dr. Pepper & Cream flavor. I used to love their Berries and Cream flavor a decade ago. The line was no longer or shorter than usual, and only one woman had a full cart.

Went right online after I got home to do some writing. Fannie sadly admits that her stepmother would rather her stay home from the ball and did chores. Arlene says she'll find a way for her to go, even if she has to make it appear herself...

Ran more Buzzr while I worked. Things got really crazy on the 1978 Card Sharks. A sweet little teacher barely made it into the bonus round and totally struck out there, going bust on the second line. By contrast, the next woman walloped her in the regular round and killed at the Money Cards, making over 28,000 dollars in one go.

Match Game returned as I broke to make a lime vanilla cake from a vanilla cake mix. Today's episodes were some of the last from the daytime run on CBS in mid-1979. A young woman named Carolyn kept killing at the bonus rounds. She matched so often, she became the show's all-time winner with over 30,000 dollars. (Incidentally, these episodes weren't in the original run on CBS, though they did apparently turn up on a few New York stations. They weren't seen until Game Show Network ran them in the early 2000's.)

I'd just started making the bed as Jessa arrived. I texted her earlier and invited her over. She had to work, but said she'd come for dinner. We shared Irish Chicken Stew and Irish soda bread while watching Match Game and Sale of the Century. An older woman just barely came from behind in the speed round to win. By the time of this episode, instead of just taking the prize or saying they'd come back, they had the first of two bonus rounds. This one involved matching prizes to see which one you'd take home, rather like the cars in the Concentration bonus round. I don't think the lady was too upset about winning a trip.

We mainly chatted about our families and how we're kind of lucky. Yes, we're both overworked and tired and are annoyed with everyone here...but she lives with a dog and her boyfriend Joe, I live alone, and we all have "essential" jobs. We won't be losing money, we don't have kids out of school, we're all healthy, and Jessa and I are shy introverts who aren't big on social interaction to begin with. It's hard to explain this to Rose and Jodie, who are more extroverted and confident and have more typical business and law careers.

Tried to pull out the lime vanilla cake while Sale of the Century was on, but it didn't come out well. It fell on the bottom and just made a mess. Like Daniel Tiger's smushed birthday cake, it did still taste good, and Jessa didn't seem to care how messy it was.

Continued with the first half of Let's Make a Deal as I finished the bed and cleaned up after Jessa left. A flapper in a flame-red dress really hit the jackpot today when she traded in a bag of money to go for a car. Monty had her press buttons on an old-fashioned brass cash register. If she got a "no sale" sign, she'd lose the car...but she never hit the signs. She hit money signs around them, but not them. She became one of the few people I'd seen on the show go for the car and not lose it or trade it away.

Finished the night with syndicated Match Game "premieres" on YouTube and Once. I go further into this sweet low-key Irish romance on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Once (2007)

And whether you spent it out and about or at home, I hope you had an equally lucky St. Patrick's Day!

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