Saturday, March 21, 2020

Matches and Cookies

Kicked off a sunny, breezy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. They finally got a few episodes I hadn't seen on PBS Kids. "Daniel and Margaret Play School," but Dan's upset when Margaret wanders off or won't listen to his stories. His mother tells him he's old enough to figure out how to keep her attention. Daniel visits Prince Wednesday and his cousin Chrissie at the Castle, but has a hard time deciding if he should play dinosaur with him or go on a "Treasure Hunt at the Castle" with her. They agree to do both, and then have to figure out who should get which rock they find during their hunt.

Switched to Split Second while doing the dishes. Two new champions were crowned in these episodes. The first echoed the episode I saw on St. Patrick's Day, with a woman coming from behind in the speed round and winning a car on her first try. The second one brought in three new players. Yet another lady beat the others in the speed round, but she didn't guess the right board for the car and agreed to come back in the next episode and try again.

Tested a recipe I never tried before while running Match Game. Dug around through various cookbooks and thought I'd try Indian Jumanas from The Betty Crocker Cooky Book. According to the book, they're South American nutmeg-flavored cookies that the locals under the equator color yellow or green with vegetables. Betty Crocker recommend using regular old food dyes. I didn't want to play with dye, so I skipped it all together. The recipe said to push a nut into the top of each cookie, but not what type of nut. I settled for the praline pecans I picked up from the Acme on Friday. Other than replacing a cup of regular flour with a cup of whole wheat flour, I otherwise stuck to the recipe.

Yum! They came out really well. The sweet candied pecans blended nicely with the earthy, slightly spicy butter rounds, and the apartment smelled incredible when they were in the oven. I could barely stop eating them.

Had a quick lunch after the cookies came out of the oven, then rushed off to get the laundry done. Thankfully, it was open, and not terribly busy when I arrived. I did have a pretty big load, including work clothes. Did my story notes and ignored the news bleating gloom and doom, then rushed out as soon as I could.

Spent the rest of the afternoon writing. Cinder-Fannie's stepmother Ethel invites Richard, whom she thinks is a prince, to visit her stately plantation home. Gene agrees in the hope that they'll find out more about what Malade's doing. Fannie's father was a spy and adviser to the king and queen who died defending them. His wife had no idea what he really did for a living...or that his daughter has continued his work.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftover hot dogs and cole slaw with my own steak fries while watching The Slipper and the Rose. I go further into this exquisite (and lengthy) British Cinderella tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Family Fun Saturday - The Slipper and the Rose

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