Saturday, March 28, 2020

Golden Girl Matches

Spent most of the day at work. Yes, I cleaned the bathroom and wiped down the freezer doors and credit card machines for the entire eight and a half hours. I never did anything else. Maybe it's just as well. While it wasn't raining when I went to work, it apparently started shortly after and continued for the rest of the day. We were steady during lunchtime, but otherwise was never really busy, and there was plenty of help for once. At least there's still snacks in the back, fruit and mini-bags of chips and popcorn and bags of nuts and small Tastycake sponge squares and pies.

My schedule for next week is far closer to normal for me. Morning hours all week; the latest I work is 2 on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday off, Monday originally for counseling, and now just to recover after this long week.

Went straight home in a misty shower. As soon as I got in, I changed and went online for the next Match Game marathon. Betty White is best-known today for her roles in the hit sitcoms Golden Girls and Hot In Cleveland, and for pretty much being one of the coolest older ladies in the universe. In the 60's and 70's, she was equally well-known for her prowess on game shows. She never failed to be delightful, whether she was sparring with Brett over their ages or rolling Gene's pant legs down while he talked to the upper level or switching places with Charles (and ending up with his pipe).

Some of her best episodes came during the later syndicated run. Betty loves animals, which was a frequent source of jokes for the writers. Her fondness for dogs came in handy on two episodes from 1980 that featured an appearance by Trotter, the sweet black pooch that belonged to Gene's daughter Lynne. Betty took very good care of her while she was on stage, and frankly that dog was far better-behaved than some of the panelists.

Betty also loved doing a faux striptease whenever the appropriate music started. This culminated in a 1981 episode where she turned up in a brief bright-red dancer's costume in the opening and started doing a routine. That whole episode was crazy; later on, Sharon Farrell and Richard Paul demonstrated mud wrestling when they ended up on the floor together.

Tomorrow's marathon will showcase episodes that have been banned due to non-PC content, are skipped in rotation on Buzzr and Game Show Network, or are otherwise hard to find anywhere but YouTube. And it'll be an extra-long 10-hour show with several rarities, from what the owner of the channel says.

The Best of Betty White on Match Game Marathon - 1973-1981

Ran The Aristocats as the marathon wound down. I go further into this tale of jazz-loving felines in 1910 Paris on my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - The Aristocats

And...Lauren told me she had to reschedule her trip down here to late August. I think that's too late, but she doesn't want to go through New York and risk her parents getting sick. I'm so disappointed. I was so looking forward to her coming here! I don't have much else to look forward to right now. I wish I could have talked her into at least July, but New York is in such bad shape, she's worried about going through there.

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