Monday, March 16, 2020

Pandemonium at the Store

Thankfully, I was able to sleep in this morning. I didn't have to work until later. Watched Split Second while eating breakfast. Buzzr quietly returned it to the morning schedule last week; I'm guessing they figured it paired better with the also-trivia oriented Blockbusters than Press Your Luck. The lady champion was ahead for most of the game, but the other woman, a horse lover and frequent rider, came back and won the speed round. She opted to take a vacation to London rather than the car.

Blockbusters wasn't quite that exciting. The father-daughter pair went up against an older woman, finally getting it in the third round. The daughter did the bonus round and missed at least three questions before she finally made a full row and won the $5,000.

Worked on writing and looked up moving tips for the rest of the morning. Fannie explains that she can't leave her family's aging plantation. She promised her late father she'd look after it...and look after the royal family. Charles is more interested in Clifton insisting that musicians will be hired to play the ball...

Broke for lunch at quarter after 1. Switched to PBS Kids for one of the science-oriented episodes of the last season of The Cat In the Hat Knows A Lot About That. The kids are upset when the batteries on their robot dies in "Batteries Not Included." The Cat takes them Lots-O-Lakes Land to show them the Dipsy Doodler birds and their goofy formations. When one falls behind, they want to help him rejoin his buddies, but then the Thingamajigger runs out of Go-Go Juice. They have to get creative and figure out other ways to move.

Nick and Sally just wrapped their Father's Day gifts, but they forgot "Checking the Boxes" is a good idea and don't know who gave which present. The Cat takes them to a cookie factory, where each cookie has a toy. When the shrunken Thingamajigger ends up in a cookie, they have to listen hard and weigh their options to find it.

Headed to work shortly after the cartoon ended. I wish I hadn't. Work was a mess. Hasn't everyone bought everything they need yet? We're out of meat, bananas, and toilet paper. I couldn't keep up with the carts during the first two hours, no matter how hard I tried. No help, either. The head bagger and evening bagger ended up in the registers. They finally gave up on the carts and pulled me and the afternoon bagger in to bag up front and return cold items.

Jodie called me shortly after I got home. And now, Dana and Jesse don't think they'll be able to foreclose on the house as quickly as they'd hoped. She also said she and Dad won't be leaving the house or accepting visitors for at least three weeks.

Was too tired to do much more after that than eat dinner, watch game shows, and take a shower. Match Game continued with Clifton Davis and Rona Barrett, who got to admire Gene's very green suit. (Practicing for tomorrow?) The lady on Sale of the Century bought one of the Instant Bargains but still blazed through the speed round. She also decided to come back and try for the huge stereo and TV. The first of the big deals of the day on Let's Make a Deal once again turned out to be around $400, this time for a woman in a sombrero covered in hearts. The other lady just swapped a Mexican vacation for a cruise to the Bahamas.

And while the Haddon Township Library has closed (I was right to not take anything out there), I'm not sure about the Oaklyn Library. If they're open, I'll go there tomorrow. Even if they aren't, the House of Fun will be open for a few hours, and I doubt WaWa and Dollar General have closed. I'll go for a walk.

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