Sunday, March 15, 2020

An Evening With Jack Benny

Began the day with work. Like yesterday, I spent most of the day outside, rounding up carts. Unlike yesterday, I didn't have as much help. They did send a teen girl out later, but she could only do so much. I ran around as fast as I could, but the carts continued to disappear. Thankfully, another bagger showed up at 1, allowing me to spend the last hour unloading the full outside recycling and trash bins. At least it was a nice day again for it. It started out cloudy this morning, but was back into the 50's and breezy by noon.

There was a package under the mail box when I got home. Mom sent B2 vitamins in the hope that I'll improve my health. I don't know. They just seem to be full of chemicals to me. The last time I tried taking vitamins, I stopped because I figure eating food is enough vitamins for anyone. Looks like I'm trying again.

Went straight into bed after I changed and put the bottle away. I am dead tired. I know I only work four to six hours, but I've spent almost all of those hours for the past week stressed and frustrated and constantly moving. Everything is going absolutely crazy, and I don't have many people I can talk to about it. I slept for over two hours, not getting up until past 5:30.

Tried to do some writing after I rolled out of bed. Fannie would love to go to the ball at Password Palace, but she doesn't believe her stepmother will allow her. Charles and Arlene are more concerned that Malade has plans for this gathering other than finding spouses for herself and her court...

Jodie called me while I worked on writing to confirm that I'll be moving June 1st. They need to paint the apartment and do a few other things before then. Fine by me. I just want out of here. I won't tell anyone here until I give my 30-day notice.

Broke for dinner at 7. Had leftovers while listening to one of my favorite cassettes. I hadn't done The Jack Benny Program in ages. In the first episode, Jack's bandleader Phil Harris (yes, the later Baloo the Bear Phil Harris) and his band have gone off to join the Merchant Marines. While Jack's wife Mary Livingstone jokingly calls him a "mother duck," Jack's valet Rochester (Eddie Anderson) prepares for their trip to New York next week.

Which does, indeed, happen in "A Night On the Town." Jack is looking forward to doing the Big Apple with none other than Gary Cooper. Cooper, however, is presented as something of a towering rube despite his good looks (Mary immediately swoons and says "Kiss me, my love!" in his presence). He'd rather see all the tourist sights, from the Bowery to the Empire State Building. There's also quite a few jokes about the rather run-down hotel Jack's staying at, the Acme Arms. (Wonder if he ran into any Looney Tunes when he was there?)

(Incidentally, as much as I like Jack himself, my favorite character on the radio show is Mary. She's an early advocate for advanced sarcasm, and while I know she had stage fright badly in real life, it's still so much fun to hear her chide the stuffing out of her hubby.)

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