Thursday, March 12, 2020

On My Own

Began a cloudy day with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. This time, everyone had to guess the identity of a male nurse who worked for a home-care firm. Everyone but Bill Cullen said big, strapping number 2. Bill had a "hunch" it was three...and his hunch proved to be correct. The gentleman with the drooping mustache was the nurse. (The big fellow in the middle turned out to be a professional football player!)

They did better on What's My Line? Dana Valery figured out that the object the first gentleman had with him helped young children learn to hit a ball correctly. They all took a literal whack at it - Soupy was hilarious, and he and Henry Morgan actually managed to hit the ball.

Things were slightly less crazy at work this morning. I did end up in the register again, but only for about 20 minutes, not the whole day. Did manage to get some carts done, shelved half of a cart filled with soda and water, and helped a manager clean up a broken spaghetti sauce jar. The lines remained long, but not to the degree of the day before.

Ran into Jodie at the deli counter while putting away a cold item. She confirmed that Dana and Jesse have apparently been looking into a house. It sounds like they do need to paint the apartment, but I should be able to move in by early June...and they'll pay for everything, including the internet. All I'll have to pay is the rent.

Hurried out, went home, changed, and went right back to my bike. I had errands to run today that I couldn't put off anymore, starting with lunch at Phillies Phatties around the corner. They were busy with kids out of school for teacher conferences. Honestly, the 11 and 12-year old boys crowded around the table next to me discussed the whole virus deal more sensibly than any of their parents at the Acme this morning. I listened to them with interest while enjoying my slice of cheese, slice of vegetable-ricotta, and the last can of Mountain Dew in the decimated soda cooler.

Took the long way across Newton Lake Park. Spring's all over the park now, with new green grass springing from the old dry yellow blades and buttercups blossoming along the riverbanks. Saw lots of people out and about enjoying the relatively warm weather, including mothers letting their little kids run around the playground and several folks out walking their dogs. Canadian geese and ducks went for a swim in the bottle-green lake.

Surprisingly, the Haddon Township Library was also relatively busy. I guess parents wanted to find something for their kids to do. Shelved the few kids' DVDs, but once again couldn't fit half the adult titles on the shelves. Didn't take anything out myself. I've enjoyed exploring streaming companies for movies and TV shows, and I'm not sure I'll be able to return anything next week.

Stopped at Target on the way home. I wanted electric toothbrush refills, but they were out. I thought people were buying up toilet paper, not tooth brushes. I did find small wraps to make meatball hoagie wraps for dinner, along with honey. (They were out of peanut butter, too.) The lines were a bit longer here, but it was almost rush hour by that point.

Went straight home and on the computer. Richard flirts with Fannie the moment he least, as well as he can after having been drained of his energy by a wicked witch. When Orson props up his boss, Fannie can't resist staring at him. He, Gene, and Charles explain what happened and why they're at Arlene's shop.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Match Game finished up the Joe Silver/Esther Rolle run with Richard's surprise match on a Head-to-Head and everyone getting a little nervous over an expectant contestant who was very close to being due. The champion on Sale of the Century got a good run from a lady who bought a Bermuda vacation and new kitchen appliances she said she needed, but ended up coming from behind on the speed round. He decided he'd fallen in love with a giant entertainment center with a TV and big speakers and ended up going home with that.

Jodie called while Sale of the Century was on. She says she and Rose are quarantining their respective families for two weeks. Rose is worried about her kids, and she's worried about Dad. Which of course, leaves me on my own...but then again, I've always been on my own.

Finished the night after a shower with Cover Girl on Roku's TV Time Musicals app. I go further into this classic Rita Hayworth/Gene Kelly hit at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews.

Cover Girl

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