Thursday, September 28, 2023

A Dark Day In Autumn

Began the morning with breakfast and PAW Patrol on Paramount Plus. "Pups Save a Pizza" when the truck transporting pizza dough for their winter pizza bake skids off the road and almost goes over a cliff. Chase, Marshall, and Rocky rescue the truck, and then the dough when it gets away. "Pups Save Skye" after their flight-obsessed cockapoo friend has a crash-landing in the snow. They call on snow-loving husky Everest to help follow her tracks in a blizzard.

Next up was changing the sheets. It's supposed to get warmer next week, but remain relatively chilly at night. It's time to put on the fall/spring sheets and comforter. Truth be told, these sheets are starting to wear out, too. I bought it from WalMart a few years ago. I'll look around for something far better to replace them sometime in the next few months. Took the summer sheets and quilt downstairs and straight into the washing machine.

Worked on writing briefly after that. Joyce stops by a brook to get water for herself and Rover. Charles doesn't need water, so he wanders off. He hears moaning...and finds a tin leg and rusted ax...

Watched Let's Make Love while eating lunch and switching the laundry to the dryer. I go further into Marilyn Monroe's last musical, with her as the performer in an off-Broadway revue spoofing French businessman and playboy Yves Montand, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Headed off to work the moment the movie ended. Work was even more boring than yesterday. We were a little steady during the evening rush hour. That was it. It's too close to the beginning of the month for most people to do major shopping. I was in and out with little fuss.

The PAW Patrol episode earlier put me in the mood for pizza. I stopped at Phillies Phatties in Oaklyn on the way home. Ended up buying a slice of cheese and a slice of sausage with a bottle of Diet Pepsi. Enjoyed my dinner while listening to a mother and her three little girls in tutus (they must have just come from dance classes at Ovations next-door) and a pair of chattering teenagers. 

I was worried about the dark clouds and cool wind and hurried home after that. Put on Match Game Syndicated as I changed, finally retrieved the sheets from the dryer, and put up the Halloween decorations. Ophelia, the Beanie Baby bat I picked up in Albany, went with my collection of cute stuffed bats. I don't do scary decorations. The scariest decorations I have are a haunted house cardboard hanging and a Beanie Baby wolf with red eyes. 

Buzzr is finally up to the week with future host of Nickelodeon's Finders Keepers Wesley Eure. He spent that week teasing Debralee Scott under him, much like he did earlier that year on Password Plus. Bob Barker is happier admiring a lady off-camera with a high slit skirt and cursing when the Star Wheel almost lands on him. 

Finished the night at Hulu with more Sailor Moon Crystal at Hulu. Rei and Ami's introductory episodes pretty much match their first episodes in the original show. Here, though, Rei is far from boy-crazy. In fact, she doesn't trust men at all, including Tuxedo Mask. Ami is the same shy, brilliant sweetheart she is in every version of Sailor Moon. The "Masquerade Party" episode is also repeated in the original show, without Usagi's friend Naru being involved. 

Things start to diverge with the episode that introduces Makoto, Sailor Jupiter. It has more in common with an earlier Nephrite episode that involved brides in a wedding dress contest. Here, the brides are disappearing not from a contest, but from a bridal boutique. Makoto comes off as more intense here than she ever did in the original 90's show, though Usagi still befriends her over food. 

(And the rain that threatened all day finally arrived around 8 PM, shortly after I got online. It's been off and on, sometimes heavily, ever since.)

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