Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Angels In the Heat

Started off the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel Uses His Words" when his mother puts away his farm animals before he's done with them. He growls, until she reminds him that she can't understand him if he doesn't talk about it. Likewise, when Miss Elainia throws his beloved Tigey, Daniel has to calm down and explain why he doesn't like her doing that. It's "All Aboard!" when Daniel plays conductor on a cardboard train. First, he's angry when Katerina takes his place as conductor, and then Katerina meows when he puts stuffed animals other than monkeys aboard. Teacher Harriet encourages them to talk out their frustrations.

Worked on writing for the next hour or so. Joyce is happy to have a new traveling companion. Charles the Scarecrow doesn't think he has brains, but she points out that he picked up walking and talking very quickly. That took brains. It cheers him up as they sing their way down the Golden Road.

Switched to Sweetheart of the Campus while having lunch. I go further into Ruby Keeler's last film musical and one of the only appearances of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson together in a feature-length musical at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Headed out after the movie ended. Work was busy almost the entire afternoon. Schools are back in session and many people may have gotten their government money late due to the holiday, or were avoiding the continued oppressive heat. We had long lines all day, and there were times when I was the only cashier handling them. It didn't help that a lot of people, mainly teenagers, called out. One complained about an upset stomach, but I suspect the others were trying to avoid doing work in the heat. They pulled me for an hour before I left to sweep and gather trash because the night bagger called out.

Rushed straight home after all that. Had dinner while watching Match Game '79. For some reason, they skipped way ahead to the week featuring Betty White, comedian Foster Brooks, and Lorna Patterson of Airplane!. Betty commented that she hadn't been on the show in a few weeks, prompting a lot more than a welcoming kiss from Gene! The poor male contestant turned beet red when he had to answer what Dr. Quackenbush made for the 80-year-old stripper. (The other contestant's hilarious reaction to his answer was priceless!)

Finished the night with the fourth season Charlie's Angels episode "Harrigan's Angel." Harrigan is the alcoholic private detective originally hired by the owner of an electronics company that has been constantly robbed. He insists that the Angels work with him. Bosley and the other Angels think he's a nuisance, but Kris says he reminds her of her own father and tries to keep him on track and out of liquor bottles. 

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