Sunday, September 10, 2023

September In the Rain

Got a very quick start this morning with breakfast and The Desert Song. Reading and listening to the Amelia Peabody series put me in the mood for more desert melodrama. I had just enough time for the first half of the CD with Wilbur Evans as the Red Shadow, the masked leader of the Riffs in the Sahara, and Kitty Carlisle as his love Margot. My favorite song is her charming "Romance," as she wishes for more of it in her life, and their "Then You Will Know." "One Alone" and "The Saber Song" also sound good here.

I got a later start than planned. It was pouring when I awoke this morning, but despite the rain having slowed to a drizzle by quarter of 11, I still called Uber. I was working late and wasn't sure what the weather would be like later. Though they said he'd be here in 4 minutes, I think he was slightly late.  I barely got to work on time.

Work was a pain in the rear. We were busy for a lot of the afternoon, with little help after about 2:30. The rain vanished for most of the day, and the Eagles played their first game of the day at 4:25 PM. Two women bought $300...only to put half of it away when one said she had to spend under $200. Lady, a cart full of meat, frozen dinners, and junk food is not going to cost under $200. And then the lady kept coming back and saying she'd get them again, only to change her mind. It took me forever to get on break because of them, and they held up a very nice older woman who thought they behaved badly, too. And by the end of the night, I was the only cashier left. Needless to say, I was happy to get off after that.

(The Eagles had a somewhat easier time with their day than I did. While later said their offense had many problems, they played well enough to beat the Patriots 25-20.)

Contacted Uber after I finished...and then contacted them again when the first person cancelled. The pleasant lady finally arrived in 10 minutes. Dark clouds gathered on the horizon, but at that point, it was breezy, humid, and cool, much cooler than it has been. As the driver pointed out, it was a really nice night. She had the windows open all the way to Oaklyn, and it felt great.

I ate dinner at work, so I was able to go straight into the shower when I got home. Finished off the night after I got out with the Match Game Sunday Classics marathon on YouTube. Feisty young sitcom actress Debralee Scott was in the spotlight tonight. Deb made her first appearance in 1977, joining Scoey Mitchelll and Joyce Bulifant. She would return many times over the years, including later that year. She so charmed country star Bill Anderson, he wrote an adorable song for her. Charles and Brett, dressed as cowpokes, joined in. 

Most of Deb's memorable appearances were in syndication. She was there that week in 1979 where Bob Barker fussed at Gene Rayburn because he covered a copy girl's slit skirt he'd been ogling. Marcia Wallace found Gene's voice so soothing, she fell asleep on his arm while he read a question!

Bart Braverman seemed to think she was cute. He spent a week during syndication in 1980 throwing cards at her back. Deb did not think he was cute. She went up to attack him, pounding at him before he grabbed her for a kiss! Fred Travelena and McLean Stevenson joined in for an especially offensive PM episode with a question joking about Asians that has caused this episode to be banned from the airwaves now. Debralee mostly went back and forth between the fourth and sixth seat, doing equally well at both. She even got two big $10,000 and $20,000 questions in later syndicated episodes. 

Watch Debralee flirt and fight with panelists and contestants alike in this wild marathon!

(Oh, and I got lucky with the weather for the second day in a row. The rain that had been building on my way home didn't burst until around 9:30, by which time I was long online and chatting with Lauren and the people at the YouTube Match Game chat. It was a couple of really big storms, too, with rain pounding hard on the roof and lashing winds.)

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