Friday, September 08, 2023

The Start of Something New

Started off the morning with breakfast and Paw Patrol. Did the first season finale, "Pups and the Pirate Treasure." The Pups are practicing their basketball when they get a call from Cap'n Turnbot. He was photographing a blue-footed booby in its habitat when he stumbled and fell into a cave. The pups have to rescue him from the cave, then help him bring out what may have been the treasure of the mysterious Captain Blackfur the pirate!

Headed out after the cartoon ended and I made my grocery list, despite the continuing heat in the 90's. Sprouts Farmers Market in Westmont finally opened today. First thing I noticed as I pulled up was the bike rack at Target next-door was completely empty for the first time in months. Easy to tell the kids are all back in school now.

After I locked my bike, I passed Target for now and headed to Sprouts. There was a small tent in the parking lot across from the main entrance. When I could get through the crowds, I saw a gentleman carving weird creatures out of watermelons and other fruit. A cheerful young woman showed me a game where I had to guess which fruit behind the little doors on a green wooden pyramid matched the riddle on the door. To my embarrassment, I missed the first four. I sell all of the fruit and vegetables in question. I should have gotten all of them. At least she gave me a cute squishy foam strawberry for playing.

It was even more of a madhouse after I grabbed a small cart and made my way under the balloon arch and into the store. Despite taking up what had originally been two stores, they were still smaller than either the Audubon Acme or the Sprouts in Marlton. They were probably larger than the Westmont Acme, though, and certainly bigger than the Target. They were also very clean and beautiful, with bright, shining coolers and endless rows of bins with loose dried fruit, nuts, and candies. 

Unfortunately, their wares were just as expensive as the store in Marlton. I did dig out a few things. They had a brand of shelf-stable coconut milk that the Acme doesn't carry, in a larger container that was only slightly more expensive than Acme's generic brand. Their generic blue corn chips were actually cheaper than the Acme's, and the peaches were about the same. The two boxes of low-sugar granola bars and nut bars were pricey, but I wanted to try them. (And I at least glad I bought the Cascade low-sugar apple granola bars. They were just as yummy sweetened with fruit.) Wanted to try their chocolate chunk scones for breakfast, too. Unlike the crunchy-chewy triangular scones at the Acme, these were round and cake-like.

Made a quick run to Target after I managed to push through the crowds at Sprouts. Everyone must have been at Sprouts, because they weren't that bad. I did pick up two bags of honey-roasted and donut glazed almonds and a Coke Zero, but I was mainly there for a new computer mouse. My old wireless mouse has been dying for months; it finally flashed its last yesterday. I replaced it with pretty much the only thing they had, a Bluetooth wireless mouse. I grabbed the one in lavender. They were so quiet, I was in and out in ten minutes. 

Went straight home and into lunch and writing. Joyce is a bit embarrassed when Boq the Munchkin calls her a sorceress. She's hardly a sorceress. The shed landing on the Warlock of the East was an accident. Boq counters with Joyce wearing a blue and white blouse, the colors of Munchkin Land.

Got out to work on time, for once. Not that it really mattered. We were dead almost the entire night. Kids are in school, we're beyond the beginning of the month, and there's not a whole lot else going on besides football until the Jewish New Year. (By which time, I'll be on vacation.) In fact, I spent the first half-hour doing returns. Other than a few annoying people, there were no major problems, and I got out just in time.

Mixed feelings on my schedule. I'm not happy at all with working 8 1/2 hours on Sunday, and until 7:30. I specifically said that the latest I want to work is 7. Another older morning cashier with grown children went on vacation this week. Not only that, but I don't have my next day off until Thursday, which means I work a week straight. At least I have Thursday and next Saturday off. 

I needed a few things at the Acme that I either hadn't been able to get at Sprouts or were cheaper there. Their yogurt was way beyond my budget. I grabbed four cups of Dannon Light & Fit, two in the seasonal Caramel Apple Pie. They still have the $1.99 pack of red "Candy Snaps" grapes, too. Bought two salads for lunch tomorrow and Sunday, too.

Hurried home after that for dinner and Match Game '77. Buzzr jumped back to the second week of this year with Ed Asner, Patti Deustch, and Mary Ann Mobley. Everyone gets to help George of the sweet smile with "___ Blanket" on the Audience Match, then greet a pretty lady with flowers in her hair who looked a bit like Mary Ann. 

Finished the night on Hulu with first season Sailor Moon episodes revolving around trips and vacations. Usagi hopes to win a trip on a romantic cruise for couples. Rei not only wins the tickets, but invites Ami instead. Usagi stows away with Luna and discovers that things aren't what they seem in "I Want a Boyfriend: The Luxury Cruise Ship Is a Trap."

"The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi's Family" takes Usagi to a hot springs resort with her parents and little brother Shingo. Things take a turn for the weird when she first sees a brainwashed Tuxedo Mask by the lake...and he in turn releases a monster who thrives on jealousy. Usagi learns to appreciate her family a bit more when it turns out that Mr. Tuskino isn't bad at defending those he loves, either. 

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