Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Hot Tooth

Began the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. All of the characters look forward to taking part in "Special Talent Day." Don is teaching "Donald Jr," a mini non-speaking version of him, how to dance. The two join the others to learn their dance and see other characters' talents.

Hurried off after the cartoon ended. I got to the dentist's office with five minutes to spare. Took them another five minutes to come for me. Thank heavens, this was a just a routine cleaning. I came in. The lady scraped and polished my teeth. I made a more extensive appointment for late December and dashed out.

My original plan for lunch was Cafe Antonio's, the pizza parlor across from PNC Bank in Collingswood. Turns out they're one of the many businesses in the local small towns that are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I browsed at the free book cart at the library and bought a sparkling soda at Haddon Culinary for the half-hour before my appointment with PNC Bank.

That took even less time. I have three financial concerns right now. The girl said she'd talk to her boss about getting the rest of my money out of the John Hancock account. It's been losing money steadily. She was able to suggest I make a budget every week, instead of per month, since my hours and paycheck fluctuate week to week. She had fewer suggestions on what to do with the rest of my money. She said her boss would call me back later, but I haven't heard from them. I'll call them tomorrow.

The Pop Shop was one of the only places open for lunch. They were busy at quarter after 1 with families treating kids out of school on half-days, kids on their last day before school started, or distracting children too young for school. I had one of their early fall specials. The crispy fish wrap was laden with tasty fish and crisp tomatoes and lettuce. It was also spicier than expected, likely thanks to the onion mayo. The tater tots were wonderfully crunchy and sprinkled with flaky salt.

Rode across-town to WaWa after lunch. Treated myself to two Ultimate Coke Zeroes on sale. Went in, got in the long line, got out. 

Rode home after leaving WaWa. First of all, it was much too hot and dry for lingering, in the mid-90's and oppressively sunny. Second, I'm trying to save money for vacation. Third, I've had enough random shopping for a while. I'll save that for when I visit Lauren. I wasn't the only one who wanted to avoid the heat, either. I saw no one riding home, no cars driving by, not even any people fishing off the bridge between Collingswood and Oaklyn. 

Soon as I got home, I settled down with Merry Andrew. I go further into this vehicle for Danny Kaye that has him as a teacher who joins a circus at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

(Oh, and I intend to take my laptop with me on vacation. I won't be doing reviews, but I will still be updating this blog.)

Put my laundry downstairs after the movie ended, then worked on The Wizard of Blank. Joyce helps Scarecrow Charles gain his footing. She's almost regretting his loss of memory. Her Charles is brilliant and funny. She assures him that she'll help him figure out what's wrong with his memory and regain his intelligence.

Broke for dinner and finally remembered to put my laundry in the dryer at quarter after 7. Buzzr is still on Match Game '79. They're now up to the week with Daryl "Animal" Anderson of Lou Grant, Donna Pescow of Angie, and Richard Paul. The first episode starts off with Gene picking on cue card boy Roger Dobowitz after he reveals he cut his forehead and Charles wearing a cowboy hat and making rugged jokes. In the second one, everyone tries to help a nice old man out with "__ Corner" in the Audience Match, but he kept picking the less-likely answers.

Finished the night with something different at Hoopla after I brought my laundry upstairs. I remember listening to the audiobook for at least one Amelia Peabody book when I lived in Wildwood, but I hadn't tried anything like it since. Hoopla had all of the audiobooks for every entry in the series, and two with different narrators for most of the older titles. 

I went with the second, Curse of the Pharaohs, read by Barbara Rosenblatt. I don't remember if she was the one who read the book I heard in Wildwood, but she did a great job here. I especially loved her teeny tiny little Ramses voice and the fluttery one used for Lady Baskerville, who implores Amelia and Emerson to finish her late husband's work opening a tomb despite a supposed "curse." She even came up with a credible Irish accent for journalist Kevin O'Connell and an American one for tycoon Cyrus Vandergelt. 

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