Sunday, September 17, 2023

Rainy Day Matches

Started off the morning with breakfast and Garfield In Hollywood. Jon enters Garfield and Odie in a TV pet talent show after he sees their dance act. Despite their embarrassment over Jon's idea of an act, they do manage to win a trip to Hollywood and a chance to compete in the finals. Garfield is determined to become a star no matter what, but Jon worries that fame may mean leaving him behind.

Headed off to work on a gorgeous, sunny, windy morning. We were only busy during the noon rush hour, and then partially because there were only two cashiers open for a while. Thank heavens there were no problems this time like Friday. Once we got past rush hour, it died pretty fast. The rain that arrived mid-way through the day helped there, too. I was in and out with no trouble whatsoever.

I stepped into showers. While not a huge downpour, it was raining a little more than I thought it would. I had to do the laundry anyway, so I rode home and got pre-wet. I saw quite a few people out and about for a rainy day too, including a father and his young son out for a walk and several dog-walkers.

Changed, then took my laundry downstairs and relaxed while watching the Press Your Luck 40th Anniversary Marathon for a while. One episode had two contestants Whammy out in the end. The winner got by with a trip to Mazatlan. The one I watched when I got home ended with a sudden win by a very happy gentleman who beat an all-time winner. You should have seen him get out of his seat and cheer! Later on, a lady was thrilled to win a barrage of prizes over two young men, including trips on a cruise and to Tokyo. 

Had dinner, then brought my laundry upstairs, and did as much packing as I could. Finished on YouTube with tonight's Match Game Classics marathon. Richard Dawson was by far the most popular of the three regulars on Match Game in its early years. A list of his best episodes would probably take all month. His good looks and wry humor made him a favorite with viewers and contestants alike. 

In one 1975 episode, he responded to "Trench __" in the Audience Match with "trench hand," then jokingly asked for donations to eradicate it. He didn't get along well with Brett - they were too much alike, and really too fond of the spotlight. At one point after he gave a teasing answer, she jumped out with fists and mock-threatened to clobber him. He was often the center of the hug-and-kiss fests that would occur after a contestant won a Head-to-Head, getting very into kissing the ladies! Once, he even kissed Gene. 

As a single man, he frequently flirted with just about every mildly attractive woman who passed through. He was delighted when one pretty lady sheepishly admitted she "fools around" and offered her his phone number! He helped Gene when the zippers on his boot broke and ended up taking them off all together. And then there was the infamous PM episode where Gene bet Richard his answer of "color television" for "Admiral __" wouldn't come up on the Audience Match...

Give a kiss to the most suave and brilliant Match Game panelist of all in this wild marathon!

(Oh, and while the rain slowed a bit by the time I got home, it's been off and on, sometimes heavily, for the rest of the night.) 

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