Saturday, September 09, 2023

Before the Storms Came

Started off the morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. "I Can Dance Like a Dancer" says Lola when her brother tries to teach her square dancing. She decides it's too fast for her. Lotta's ballet is too hard to learn, a friend's tap dancing is too intricate, and she can't master the moves of belly dancing. She eventually finds something she definitely prefers - rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatic dancing.

Headed off to work shortly after the cartoon ended. I wish I hadn't. Work was a royal pain in the rear. We were busy for a lot of the afternoon, often with long lines. Several people were in a grumpy mood, and at least three groups ended up putting away more than half their orders. I really do wish people would read signs before they buy things. At least I just barely managed to get off in time.

Forgot Propel drink mix yesterday, so I grabbed that before I headed out the door. Stopped at the pretzel shop again on my way home. Bought two pretzels for today and tomorrow. Since the store was closing in an hour, the proprietor of the store threw in four more. 

Dashed home after that. Went straight into Lemonade Mouth after I got in. I go further into this Disney Channel original musical about five high school misfits who start a rock band at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Thunder boomed overhead just minutes after I got home. By 3:30, we were in the middle of a full-blown thunder storm of the likes we hadn't seen since the 4th of July, with gale-force winds and torrential rain coming down in sheets. It went on for a while, too. It was almost 5 PM before the storm subsided and started moving out of the area, though it's remained cloudy for the rest of the day.

By the time I moved online for writing, the storms were just about gone. Boq offers them a place to stay and rest for a while. Joyce also takes the opportunity to ask about the rest of Oz. What are the other witches like? Is the Wizard really magical? How long will it take to get to the Emerald City?

Finished the night eating dinner, then at YouTube with tonight's Match Game marathon. Technical problems on the set from 1978 through 1980 was the theme tonight. Bob Barker wasn't the only one who had trouble with the studio that now bears his name. The Match Game sets could be equally capricious. In one episode, Gene's entrance door in the opening got stuck. The turntable refused to move in a syndicated episode; in a later show, it went around too fast. 

Bob wasn't the only person whose chair broke, either. Bill Daily had an identical problem with the same chair on a later syndicated episode. Someone lowered the Match Game sign almost to the floor. And then there was the syndicated show where a light bulb broke, making a loud and audible "pop" that scared everyone. Charles joking tried to sell Gene a huge prop bulb. The episode ends with Gene and the panelists starting to make a "pyramid" to replace the bulb. 

Check out some of the craziest glitches to ever befall a game show in this wacky marathon!

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