Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New York State of Mind

The day did not begin well. It took me much longer to pack my suitcase than I expected. I had to repack it twice before I got everything in. This made me late getting together with Lauren on our way out the door to Albany.

We weren't able to leave for Albany as quickly as I hoped. A tree had fallen over the road right outside the Millers' house last  night. It wasn't large, but it was heavy. We tried to remove as many branches and smaller bits of debris as we could, but there was no way we could move the main portion of the tree. She called a local man who helped them with landscaping. We also got help from the men in the garbage truck, who couldn't reach their trash cans or turn around on a dead-end street, either.

Thanks to all that, it was past 10 when we finally got on the road. Though we did get to the Albany-Renesselaer Station more than an hour before the train left, it wasn't enough time to go out to breakfast as we originally planned. I bought myself a bran muffin and a banana for breakfast at the cafe in the station when I bought my lunch. Bought Lauren a scone for breakfast.

Thankfully, everything went much smoother from there. The train to Albany was right on time, not at all full, and arrived five minutes early. I treated myself to "rainbow cookies" (cake-like cookies made with almond cake with raspberry between the layers) from Vesuvio's Bakery for a snack. 

It was showering lightly in New York when the train arrived. Along with the long line, that may have been the reason the train going to Harrisburg was a few minutes late arriving in Philadelphia. It was so busy, I took a seat in the back, next to a college-age boy, two college girls, and an older woman. The boy and the lady looked at their phones for the entire trip. The girls chattered the whole way there.

I considered taking the NJ Transit to Cherry Hill, but it was already boarding when I arrived. Not to mention, I had no idea how to buy tickets at 30th Street. I ended up calling Uber. It cost me $40, but the young man arrived in 10 minutes. There was a little traffic in downtown Philly, but once we got over the Ben Franklin Bridge, there was no trouble. I was home by 6:30.

Watched Match Game '76 while I unpacked and took the laundry downstairs. I came in during the second half. Della Reece, Fannie Flagg, and Dick Gautier joined in to make jokes about Gene's ugly plaid jacket and green vest. 

Phyllis Diller and Fred Travelena made their first appearances on Match Game Syndicated. The others praise Gene's far more conservative gray suit and lavender tie. Gene's more nervous about the pregnant contestant who looks like she'll give birth any second. Joyce is dismayed when her name comes up on the Star Wheel twice in a row...but the third time proves to be the charm....

Finished the night after I got my laundry upstairs with Weekend at Havana. I go into further detail about Alice Faye's 1941 trip to Cuba at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Oh, and I got my schedule. I do work the rest of the week, but it's all four and five hour shifts in the middle of the day and late in the afternoon. That'll give me time to sleep in and get organized here. 

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