Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Road to Fantasy

Began the morning with breakfast and a trip on the Road to Morocco. I go further into my favorite of the Road to... movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Worked on writing next. Boq explains that the Warlock of the East and his army attacked the Emerald City. The Wizard managed to fight them off, but Queen Bretta and her court disappeared during the battle. The Wizard remains hidden in Emerald City. Charles looks up, admitting that the names sound familiar and wondering he was a scarecrow in the Queen's corn field.

Headed off soon as the movie ended and I made lunch. Work was...well, it was really boring, especially compared to the weekend. It was warm and a little humid, probably in the mid-80's. Warmer than usual for this time of year, but not like last week. If people weren't enjoying the weather, they probably shopped over the weekend. It was off-and-on steady, and that's only because it's our Senior Discount Day. I was in and out without undue fuss.

I got home just in time for dinner and Match Game '77. Nipsey Russell, Patti Deustch, and Arlene Francis join in here. The audience is a group of noisy high schoolers who cheer everything, especially the poem Nipsey comes up with that references their school. There's also one of the more ribald answers to "__ Raid."

Finished the night online after a shower with two more episodes of Jim Henson's The StoryTeller. "Hans My Hedgehog" is an older German fairy tale that's a cross between "Beauty and the Beast" and "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." A peasant woman is so desperate for a child, she begs to bear anything, even a hedgehog. Her child Hans does turn out to be a hedgehog with softer quills, but her husband is so repulsed by him, Hans goes to the woods and lives with the animals. He makes a bargain with a lost king to marry his daughter. The princess is surprised to find this isn't so terrible...but when she breaks her promise to him, she wears out three iron shoes to find him.

"The Luck Child" is also from German fairy tales. The birth of a seventh son to a seventh son worries a cruel king, who hears a prophecy that the child will be king someday. Lucky lives up to his name, as he manages to avoid everything the king throws at him from childbirth. When the king gives Lucky a proclamation that he is to be put to death, a little man living with thieves changes it to marrying his daughter instead. The furious king forces Lucky to bring him a golden feather from the feared Griffin. Lucky's famous luck holds, thanks to the little man and the lament of a ferry man who can't leave his job...

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