Sunday, September 03, 2023

Daughter of a Daughter of a Sailor

Started off an early morning with breakfast and Songs You Know By Heart: Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hits in honor of Buffett, who passed away yesterday. Growing up by the beach, you couldn't escape Buffett, even though his palm tree-drenched Florida and the Caribbean were very different from the Jersey Shore. My father and my stepfather were sailors and were both big fans. Among Bruce's things that Jodi gave to me were a three-disc CD set with most of his songs. "Come Monday" has always been my favorite of his. It's such a lovely, gentle song. I'm also fond of "Cheeseburgers In Paradise" and "Son of a Son of a Sailor." 

Went to work even before the CD ended. Once again, work was quiet in the early morning and when I finished at 5:30, but was insane in between. We just didn't have enough help to deal with the people shopping for back to school, Labor Day barbecues, or using their beginning of the month money. Not to mention, several of them were not in the best moods or were annoyed by the prices. I can't do anything about inflation! We had just me, the express line, and the self-checkouts open for most of the afternoon. By the time a third cashier arrived, it had calmed down. I was able to shut down and run out with no trouble.

Had a very quick dinner, then tried to watch tonight's Bob Barker marathon on YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube and Fremantle mistook one PM episode for another they had a mark on and wouldn't let the marathon play. I was able to watch it for two hours before I accidentally pushed the back button...and when I tried to return, it said the video wasn't available. 

So many people had that problem, MGP eventually ran the offensive PM episodes on their own at the usual time. The first one had Bob and Gene spending the episode ogling busty young Charlene Tilton, while Brett and Charles joke about "I Hate __" in the Audience Match. Bob is nervous to answer "The Brooklyn __" in the Head-to-Head, but he finally gets his kiss. The second had Deb spending a lot of the episode arguing with Wesley Eure over his teasing her. Charles gets to ogle Eure, while the others try answering "Ronnie __" in the Audience Match.

Here's the two PM episodes we did tonight. MGP says he'll be restarting the marathon tomorrow without the PM episode that caused the fuss.

Finished the night celebrating Labor Day with Lawrence Welk and his musical family. They did at least two episodes revolving around jobs and the "working man." The 1969 show opens with everyone singing "The Trolley Song" on their way to work. Art teacher Jo Anne Castle's students are more interested in painting her piano while she plays "The Painter's Rag." Larry Hooper is a "Cab Driver" hauling two unruly singers home and sings about those "Sixteen Tons" as a miner. "Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long" is a comic number for the dancing ladies as they try to tap in giant pairs of tuxedo trousers, while Dick Dale is the "Wichita Lineman" and and Jack Imel shows the ladies how "He's the Sound Effects Man."

The 1976 "Salute to the Working People" opens with everyone singing "Heigh Ho," it's off to work they go. Anacani is an attractive "Peanut Vendor," while Norma Zimmer teaches the Semonski Sisters "Do Re Mi." Pilot Dick Dale and his lovely stewardesses sing about those "Faraway Places" they visit crossing coast to coast. Larry Hooper is is "The Auctioneer," selling props to a none-too-patient Musical Family. The orchestra does a medley of songs from The Music Man in honor of Meredith Wilson being at the show that day and composers and others in the music business. 

Both episodes feature Bobby and Cissy teaching dance. Cissy teaches Bobby the basic steps in "Dancing" from Hello Dolly in 1969. In 1976, everyone joins in for "Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga." Arthur Duncan also performs "Milkman, Keep that Bottle Quiet!" both times. In 1969, he does it at Andrea Willis' diner to a chorus of annoyed working men. His noisy bottles and tapping are accompanied by several unappreciative housewives in 1976.

Honor those who keep our country rolling on this Labor Day with Lawrence Welk and his musical family!

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