Saturday, September 02, 2023

Sing While You Sell

Started off my morning with a quick breakfast and Charlie and Lola. Lola tells Morten, the little brother of Charlie's best friend Marv, that "You Can Be My Friend" when he stays over their apartment while their brothers go to the insect house. Morten seems quiet and shy, and won't respond to Lola's insistence on playing dress-up or tea party. It's not until she starts blowing bubbles in her milk that they hit on something they both like to do.

Rushed off to work soon as the cartoon ended. Work started and ended quietly, but it got really busy in between. It's the beginning of the month, the last major holiday weekend of the summer, and most local schools start Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone is using their government money or shopping for barbecues or their kids' lunches. There were a few cranky people, but thankfully, no really major problems. Grabbed popcorn after I finished, which I forgot yesterday. 

Rushed straight home after work and into Tattletales while eating dinner. The only person I recognized out of anyone was Mary Wickes and her gentleman friend Elliot. They did manage to make a comeback, but the pair on the yellow "bananas" team won. 

Finished the night on YouTube after a shower with more of that Bob Barker Match Game Tribute. Some of Barker's funniest appearances in the entire series were from late 1978. As I mentioned last week, he was the first person to sit in Richard Dawson's seat after Richard refused to come back. He played very well that week too, for a last-minute replacement. He was probably happier to sit next to WKRP In Cincinnati bombshell Loni Anderson a few weeks later. Bob even whispered into her ear during the PM show for that week...and enjoyed it so much, he insisted on doing it, even when he had nothing to say. 

Join Bob for two of the funniest weeks of the year!

And here's this year's Labor Day musical review, featuring The Marx Brothers as floor walkers protecting singer Tony Martin in The Big Store

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