Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Little Bit of Faith and A Whole Lot of Hope

Began a clear, sunny day with work. I wish I didn't. We were on and off busy for most of the morning. I did manage to get the carts done when I arrived, but then I got stuck in the register because the manager saw two people on the ends of lines and panicked. And today was inventory day, so I couldn't do returns. I ended up bagging, dusting, and shelving boxes with bags in them. Naturally, when I wanted to go on break, the manager announced "Oh, go get carts, there's no carts out there." She ended up sending out a cashier to help me, or my break would have been a lot more than 40 minutes late. Thankfully, it slowed down considerably after lunch. I did end up in the register one more time, but I was mostly outside with the carts. I treated myself to half-price Acme bakery cookies after I finished and headed home.

When I got home, I changed, turned on the air conditioning, and worked on stories. Leia does finally get Chewie out of the flowers, only to run into the lizard-like bounty hunter Bossk. She, Bossk, and Chewie fight. Leia manages to unleash a pile of rocks on his head and knock him out, enough for she and the dogfish to escape. Meanwhile, Jabba is still watching. Boba Fett wants to take Leia on, but Jabba is sure the next round of traps will do her in.

Broke for dinner around 6:30. I made scrambled eggs with escarole, cheese, and mushrooms for dinner while watching Jack and the Beanstalk. This lively 1967 TV musical features Gene Kelly as the crafty peddler who sells Jack the magic beans. Jack throws the beans out the window...and discovers the next day that they've grown into a huge beanstalk. Jeremy joins him for a trip up the beanstalk and into a castle inhabited by a greedy ogre. Jack tries to get his gold-bearing goose and encourage the mice in the castle to help. Jeremy falls for the beautiful princess who has been bewitched into a harp and tries to rescue her. Very cute live-action animation hybrid from Hanna-Barbara.

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