Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In the Heat of the Day

It was sunny and hot when I finally got up this morning. I ran an episode of Rick Steves' Europe as I ate breakfast. The Scandinavian episodes are some of my favorites. Today, I did the Copenhagen show from 2007. I've been wondering why I feel so at home while watching the Danish episodes. It might be because I grew up among Scandinavian influence. What's now Cape May was originally settled by Danish explorers in the 1600's. One of the bed-and-breakfast inns downtown is called Captain Mey's Inn, after the explorer who discovered the town. Cape May celebrates its Danish heritage every year around April during its Spring Festival. (Originally the Tulip Festival, until it occurred to someone that the tulips rarely came up on schedule and were usually out after the event.) There's even a store on the Washington Street Mall called Swede Things In America.

Headed out around 11:30 to run a few errands. Started at the Oaklyn Library. I'd never seen them so busy! I guess the heat scared everyone indoors. Almost every computer terminal was taken, and there was at least two families reading books. I was able to duck around folks long enough to organized the DVD's and work on the board books. By the time I headed out, so had the families (though some of the people on the computers remained).

Headed across the White Horse Pike to Family Dollar for sugar after leaving the library. I also saw they had their own generic versions of some of the most popular Girl Scouts cookies, including the lemon iced shortbread. I've never seen anyone else try to recreate that. Went back across the Pike to WaWa for a roast beef hoagie and a black cherry Sparkling Ice. Had those at the picnic tables on West Clinton. Other than one worker, I was the only one there. It was too early for Phillies Yummies to be open.

After I ate, I went straight home, put the sugar and cookies away, then went right back out to get the laundry done. I wanted to do it yesterday, but I didn't want to chance it with Willa's bike. They were fairly busy, but not enough that I wasn't able to get a washer and a dryer. I worked on story notes while half-listening to a re-run of The Chew and the families around me.

Spent the rest of the afternoon (and some of tonight) working on fanfiction. Maz gives Leia some exposition as she almost jumps in a trunk. Jabba wrecked her father's ship and stole his gold, leaving the kingdom in difficult financial straits. He uses merfolk, Han among them, to salvage the treasure and lure the humans to their deaths. But now, he wants living human souls, the stronger, the better. He's hoping to become human himself and dominate the trade routes, so no one will be able to get any money back and forth without going to him.

Maz gives Leia a necklace with three shells. She has to come back within twenty-four hours, before the last shell darkens, or she'll drown. (It may expand to two days if I really get into the second half.) She also gives the princess a bracelet with her magic to protect her. Jabba has a huge maze he sends enemies and friends alike into in order to find their heart's desire. None have ever come out alive.

Leia makes her way to the docks. Lando is already there. He waylays her the moment he sees her. Her father is looking for her and the thief from the ball. Leia convinces Lando to help her get out to where Jabba's shipwreck home is, despite Lando's misgivings about it being a ship graveyard.

Put on Patriot Games while making pan-fried salmon cakes with corn on the cob an cucumber-tomato salad for dinner. Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) is a history professor on vacation with his wife and daughter who gets caught in the middle of a terrorist attack on a lord (James Fox). He's hailed as a hero for saving a member of the Royal Family. One of the terrorists whose brother he killed (Sean Bean) doesn't think he's so wonderful. While the rest of his team trains to kidnap the nobleman, the terrorist goes on a personal vendetta again Ryan, including nearly killing his daughter and pregnant wife. Ryan's angry enough to jump back into his old CIA job, alongside his former boss (James Earl Jones). He's determined to make sure nothing else happens to those he loves, no matter what it takes...

This one has some things in common with Air Force One - terrorists once again hijack Ford's family and makes things personal. I think I enjoyed this a bit more, though. The villains were somewhat more fleshed out (I've read they were even more-so in the book) and the plot makes slightly more sense, even if the finale in the lightning storm was over-the-top.

If you're a fan of the cast or of political thrillers, this is a (mostly) tight tale that's worth checking out.


Linda said...

Emma, have you seen the first film, The Hunt for Red October? No Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin instead, but quite good thriller. And for me, Sam Neill is in it. :-)

Emma said...

Actually, yes. My stepdad bought that when it came out, and I do remember watching it with him and enjoying it. Maybe I'll have to see if either of the libraries have it and give it another shot sometime... :)