Thursday, July 07, 2016

"We're Gonna Need a Bigger Park."

Started the day with more work. It was so hot, even at 9 AM. Thank goodness there weren't that many carts to gather. I spent about 40 minutes after I got in doing them and another hour or so after lunch. It was too hot to be outside all day. I spent most of the time doing returns. It was between dead and steady the whole day - they didn't even need me on the register. I got out with no problems.

Went straight home. I tried to do a little bit of writing, but I didn't get very far. I get so easily distracted online! I'll look at a few blogs for inspiration...and before I know it, two hours have suddenly zipped by. Han's arrived. He's trying to be smooth, but Leia is suspicious and Lando is suspicious and a bit jealous. Leia's wondering about the collar he has around his neck....

When I gave up on writing, I figured I might get some cleaning done instead. I had leftovers for dinner, then scrubbed the kitchen. Ran Jurassic Park while I worked. An island filled with real dinosaurs created from found DNA is the dream come true of reclusive millionaire Hammond (Richard Attenborough). He invites two paleontologists (Sam Neill and Laura Dern), a snarky agent (Jeff Goldblum), a lawyer, and his two grandchildren to the park for a tour. He may be excited, but the scientists have reservations. Humans and dinosaurs have never interacted in real-life. Nature isn't like a theme park, and it doesn't always behave the way you expect. Not to mention, the park was rushed to get it done and and ready for the public faster. There's little security, and its computer infrastructure is unfinished. It's easily hacked by a shifty employee (Wayne Knight) who wants to sell dinosaur DNA samples to a rival company. His messing with the computer shuts the whole park down. Now, people are getting killed, dinosaurs are on the loose, and the kids and the scientists have to learn how to deal with each other...while discovering why it really isn't nice to mess with Mother Nature.

Steven Spielburg directed this fast-paced tale that completely changed the way people looked at dinosaurs and special effects. Though some of the creatures were done with audio-animatronics, most of them were CGI. The human cast is just as interesting, especially Goldblum and Neill as the two very different men who learn a little about courage, dealing with tragedy, and the strength of children. (Also, despite the prominent kids and the dinosaurs, lots of blood, scares, and several disturbing deaths make this not for really little guys.)

If you're a fan of dinosaurs, the cast, action, or Spielburg's work and can handle the blood and scares, this is still a rousing good adventure yarn with a surprising dark side.

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