Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cool Down

Started a late morning with breakfast and more Rick Steves. We move inland from Scandinavia to the Swiss Alps for an episode on Switzerland's picturesque Jungfrau region. It looks like something from out of a fairy tale, with majestic snow-capped mountains, green rolling hills, and lovely little towns filled with cheese makers and one room-schoolhouses.

Headed to work after Rick ended and I got organized. Work was on and off busy. It would quiet down, then we'd get lines for two minutes. I think finally figured out why we've been so busy, far more so than usual for this time of the year. Some folks may be preparing for the Democratic Convention in Philly next month. I have no fondness for politics and completely forgot about that. At any rate, though I did end up in the register three times, I mostly rounded up carts and did returns. It was a nice day for carts. It's still hot, but not nearly as hot or humid as it has been (or as it's supposed to be later this weekend) and nice and sunny, with a cool breeze.

Picked up blue corn chips (the Acme's organic brand is on sale again) and a drink and headed home as soon as I was done. Spent an hour or so writing when I got in. Leia manages to free herself from the flowers. As she fights through the vines and snapping plants, she hears the call of a larger fish. Turns out it's Chewie, who has gotten caught in the tentacles as well. Leia frees him. He manages to mime to her with his fins that he's looking for his friend. They agree to help each other out.

Broke for dinner around 6:30. After I ate, I began Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. This time, the game started right with the opening to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yes, including dodging (well, sort of) the famous boulder. After you return to Barrett College, where Indy teaches, you head off to Marion's Tibetan bar. Attacking the Nazi in the bar is a lot more complicated this time. He keeps jumping away! You have to throw bottles and chairs at him to get him. The constant arrival of local thugs makes this a little difficult.

After Marion's burns down, you diverge from the movie canon to explore the Tibetan mountains, including a temple. This was a pain. I couldn't figure out how to build the bridge. It took me forever to realize you need to use the bazooka to blast open the metal crate by the cliff. And then, I didn't realize you had to completely blow up the car on the other side to get any further.

At any rate, next time, Marion and Indy will be meeting Sallah in the Arabian market square and dealing with some very mischievous monkeys.

Oh, and Jodie invited me to their house on the 30th to celebrate Dad's birthday with a barbecue. It's too late to ask for the time off, but their barbecues usually don't start until late afternoon anyway. Hopefully, I'll be able to get over there after work. I need to tell them when I'm going on vacation, anyway.

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