Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Escaping the Heat

Once again, started off the day with work. It was already hot and sunny when I arrived, steamy but not quite as bad as yesterday. And once again, I rounded up carts for a half-hour when I got in, then spent the rest of the morning indoors. I did get a lot of returns done, which is good. They keep appearing out of nowhere. I also got stuck in the register a lot, which is not good.

The water from the freezer leaking under aisle 11 was overflowing again. I tried to clean up that mess, but first of all, the manager kept calling me up front to take the two-person lines for no reason. When I did finally get to cleaning, the mops and the buckets were filled with...I don't know what they were filled with, but it was greasy and gross. Another bagger was nice enough to clean out a bucket, but he neglected to clean the mop. I had to get a new one, after having made the floor even more slippery than it already was.

I was so happy to finally get home and get writing. I got an idea last night that I'm hoping to finish by the weekend. It's another fairy tale, this one a Han/Leia-focused one-shot. Leia lives in a palace by the sea with her parents. She'd rather be sailing on the ocean and having adventures like her brother Luke, but the king and queen want her to settle down. Her parents have been holding parties to introduce her to the local courts, including Baron Lando Calarissian. She likes him, but she's already met another guy she liked more, a handsome, rugged fellow with red-brown hair and mischievous hazel eyes. Trouble is, he won't tell her his name or where he's from. She wants to know more about him, but he insists on remaining elusive...

This is going to be a Cinderella/Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast combination. I'm hoping to get this done within a few days, since it's really just a last-minute idea and I've already worked a lot of it out.

When I finally got off, I had leftovers for dinner, then took down the patriotic decorations while watching Backyardigans episodes. Pablo and Tyrone go "Into the Deep" in search of mermaids to film. Mermaids Tasha and Uniqua would do anything to keep their garden safe and try to head them off. Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone are Coast Guard rescuers out to "Save the Day." Tasha just wants to catch a big fish, but the others keep disrupting her plans when she continually goes out into dangerous waters.

Finished off the night by returning to Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. After finally getting out of the last round of Revenge of the Sith (it took me less time to take down Anakin than it did to try to Jedi double-jump around all that blasting lava), I moved onto the first two rounds of New Hope. The first level, getting Leia to the Artoo with the plans, then getting the droids off the Tantive IV, wasn't too hard. The second, which involved Luke and the elder Obi-Wan traveling across the Tatoonie wastelands, first to rescue the droids from the Jawas, then to get to Obi-Wan's house, was much longer and far more complicated. (But it was kind of fun to ride a bantha.)

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