Monday, July 11, 2016

Playing the Lego Game

I spent most of a lovely summer morning writing. I figured I'd get out later at work. (I added a little bit more later tonight.) After she awakens, Leia stumbles to the shack where Ol' Maz lives. Maz mostly sells crafts, but she's said to be a witch...and one who might be able to help Leia get to her true love.

Watched more public domain shorts during meals. "It's a Greeks Life" is a real rarity, a Silly Symphony-esque musical short from RKO's Van Beuren Studios. Hephaestus is asked to repair Mercury's sandals. He takes them for a flight, but when they vanish, his duck friends come to his rescue against the God of Flight's wrath. "Once Upon a Time" is an animated PSA that shows what happens when fairy tale characters neglect car and road safety. "The Enchanted Square" is one of two Famous Studios shorts featuring Raggedy Ann. Ann helps a little blind girl "see" the grimy New York square she lives in as a place of beauty and wonderment, thanks to her imagination.

Work was a bit of a pain. Two cashiers called out, which means I was stuck inside behind a register for almost the entire afternoon. There were a lot of grouchy people, too. I did get a chance to do some returns for a half-hour after I arrived and right before I left, but I was mostly cashiering. I never got outside or around to doing carts.

I ducked out the moment I finished. I deserved dinner at Sonic. It was still a nice evening, sunny and windy, if much warmer than earlier. It was only about 5:30 when I arrived, and they were fairly quiet. I had a burger, tater tots, and my favorite cherry limeade. I timed it right. Both the patio and the parking lot were getting much busier by the time I finished and headed home.

Finished out the night playing video games. I did finally get through "Death Star Escape." Perhaps making up for the difficulties I had there, the video game version of the trench run on the Death Star was surprisingly easy, the least trouble I've had with a flying round so far.

In fact, it was so easy, I went right into the first two rounds of Empire Strikes Back after finishing the flying round. "The Battle of Hoth" was another flying round, this one slightly more complicated than the trench run. In addition to the usual shooting, you have to use your cable to do what Luke, Wedge, and Rogue Squadron did in the film and use cables to wind around the larger walker's legs, then drag bombs over to blow them to smithereens. Tough, but fun, a lot more than any of the prequel flying rounds.

"Escape From Echo Base" is a little simpler. It's just Han and Leia (and later, Chewie and Threepio) fleeing the doomed Rebel base, figuring out puzzles that melt the ice or break down barriers on the way. No problems there. We even got some adorable cut shots of Leia ending up in Han's plastic arms (and one where she slaps him for being fresh).

Oh, and Richard called later in the evening. I passed him in his garage on my way to the apartment to leave him Willa's bike. He was able to finish my bike. Apparently, she's ready to go. Good thing, too. I have laundry I can't put off any longer tomorrow.

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