Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hot Enough For Anyone

The heat wave continues, at least for the foreseeable future. I cooled off this morning with Blueberry Brown Sugar Pancakes and lots of Sinatra. (Songs For Swinging Lovers is probably my favorite Sinatra LP.)

Worked on writing for a little while after breakfast. Leia has made her way past the falling rocks. She's now in another aquatic garden. This one isn't nearly as pleasant as the first. A beautiful pink flower's wavy tentacles and glowing colors lure the princess into its tentacles...but she discovers it's far from harmless when it starts to wrap around her and force her into its mouth!

Work was a pain again. It was still hot as heck. I did do a little cashiering and put a few returns away early on, but I was mostly outside. I didn't have a choice. I was the only bagger there during the second half of my shift. It got so hot, I had to run inside and get water.

On the other hand, I was able to pick up a few things I forgot yesterday. I just realized this morning while making the pancakes that I'm almost out of cooking spray. I meant to get imitation maple and hazelnut flavorings from the clearance racks, but either I put then back, or I left them in the cart.

When I got home, I listened to Barbara Streisand's Back to Broadway album while making dinner. The shrimp I bought yesterday turned out to be tiny little popcorn I made shrimp salad, on a bed of escarole, with some of the radishes I've had around forever. Not bad at all. The radishes gave it a little zing.

Finished off the night continuing Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Ventured deep into Endor for "Speeder Showdown" and "Battle of Endor." Both were very long and very complicated. The speeder level had Luke and Leia chasing down Imperials on speeder bikes, then using AT-AT walkers to blow up barriers. The end of the round involved capturing a large walker to destroy an Imperial compound.

"Battle of Endor" was only slightly less complicated. This one had three distinct parts. You start out in the Ewok village, navigating around the wooden walkways with the help of Ewok warrior Wicket. The ramps from the village let out on the forest floor, where you have to fight guards and use the Ewoks' catapult (and buttons and levers) to remove obstacles. The third part takes you into the Imperial base, where you have to destroy first the bolts guarding the main generator, then the generator itself. It was fun, but it took so long, especially in the generator. (It took me forever to figure out Artoo had to use his rocket boosters for one part.)

I should be doing the last two rounds early this week. After I finish Lego Star Wars, I'm going to move on to the original Lego Indiana Jones, then double back to the second one to finish out the bonus rounds.

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