Friday, July 15, 2016

Wild Wild Heat

It was another hot, bright day when I got up this morning. I finished Star Wars Rebels: A New Dawn, then had breakfast. Ran an episode of The Backyardigans while I ate. Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are on a "Secret Mission" to a museum to return a triangular piece to the object it belongs to. They have to use their spy gadgets (including Tyrone's maple syrup) and do a little limbo to get past the traps and laser beams.

Headed out to run a few errands I couldn't put off around 11:30. First stop of the day was Rite Aid. I saw a new L'Oreal curl conditioner in a tube container at the Acme. Rite Aid had it on sale a bit cheaper. After I bought it...I went right back in because I forgot brush picks. I only have one left.

Went down Cuthbert and crossed over, passing the Shell station on the corner and the car repair shop to the Haddon Township Library. They were busy with kids and parents who were renting DVDs and playing with toys while avoiding the heat. I had lots to do and lots of DVDs to shelve. All of the kids' titles fit just fine, but the adults were overflowing. There were a few that didn't make it in. The stack of CDs and audio books was pretty tall, too.

I did take out some movies and books to amuse me while I also escape the heat. Having enjoyed the spy comedies from this week, I decided to give Kingsman: The Secret Service a look. Finally took out Ex Machina, a darker sci-fi movie from last year featuring some of The Force Awakens' cast, after having eyed it several times. I saw the 90's Sabrina when my mom rented it after it came out on video, but I haven't seen it since then - thought I'd give it another go. (Especially since I've seen the 1954 Sabrina since then and can now compare the two.) Sheriff Callie's Wild West, another Disney Junior show in the vein of Doc McStuffins, had a really cute design on the front cover that reminded me of the Richard Scarry books of my childhood that might be worth a watch.

Also grabbed a couple of books. Heir to the Jedi is another new Star Wars title released in the wake of the retirement of the "Legends/Expanded Universe." Was glad to see that the adorable The Penderwicks has two follow-ups. I took out the first of those, The Penderwicks On Gardam Street. The Dark Frigate sounds like an exciting pirate tale (and was a Newberry award-winner). Also grabbed a collection of the three recently-released Star Wars Original Trilogy kids books for fanfic inspiration.

Hit Phillies Phatties for lunch. It was too hot to eat my slice of cheese and slice of mushroom outside. I plopped at a table with my Mountain Dew Pitch Black and pizza, watching the groups of kids and their parents enjoy a late lunch (and ignoring the chatter on ESPN). I did eat a quick cup of cinnamon bun ice cream from Phillies Yummies outside, mainly because they don't have a seating area and it's kind of hard to eat ice cream on a bike.

Spent the rest of the afternoon hiding from the heat at home and working on my story. A lot of the early parts got some heavy revision to indicate that Luke isn't as dead as his father thinks. Leia discovers that, too, as she enters the maze. She first passes through a beautiful underwater garden before coming to a fork in the road. I originally was going to have her directed by a cute little angelfish, but that didn't seem to have much to do with the story. Leia is now being helped by the mysterious seaweed-covered servant she saw at Jabba's ship palace. Though he directs her to the path that's dark and scary, she suspects he has her best interests at heart.

Finished the night with Tuscan Tuna Bean Salad and Sheriff Callie. The title character is a calico cat who runs the town of Nice and Friendly Corners and has the most unique deputies in law enforcement history - a woodpecker named Peck and a small cactus named Toby. Although the first story, "Train Robbers," had Callie and her boys rescue the afore-mentioned vehicle from bandits, most of the episodes were far tamer. Callie has to coax "A Dusty and Dirty Apology" from a pair of miner pig brothers who are feuding over sharing their equipment. Callie's horse Sparky gets encouragement to try barrel jumping again after an accident via a lucky scarf in "Sparky's Lucky Day." And everyone learns not to judge by appearances when a wolf who just arrived in town isn't nearly as scary as he seems in "Peck's Bent Beak."

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